Concetti’s #GratitudeAttitude Comes Full Circle At This Year’s Detroit Design Awards

Jun 7, 2022 | community, press

Dear Detroit Community, 

Thank you. 

Thank you for seeing us, thank you for letting us design so many of your beautiful spaces, and thank you for celebrating and recognizing us for 13 awards across multiple categories at this year’s 2022 Detroit Design Awards!  

We were so honored by the outpouring of recognition and nominations, each representing a different project, from one-room renovations to whole house remodels. To be chosen as winners by such an esteemed panel of judges amidst so many of our friends, peers, and fellow creatives was truly a dream come true. 

It was also such a beautiful full circle moment of Gratitude Attitude – the sentiment we pour into everything we do, reciprocated right back to us! Being an integral part of the revitalization of this beautiful, strong, passionate city of creatives is our dream come true, and receiving that same level of love and support back to us was the cherry on top! 

We love you, Detroit Fam, and are thrilled to share these wins with all of you! 👏🏽

Since the awards spanned across so many different types of projects and categories, we thought we’d offer peeks into each respective project below. 

Here’s a little more about our winning designs:


2022 Detroit Design Awards


2nd Place Award for Apartment Loft Condo – #GettinCityWithIt




1st Place Award for Interior Kitchen – #GettinCityWithIt


2nd Place Award for Contemporary Interior Design – #GettinCitywithIt

2nd Place Award for Interior Bath – #GettinCitywithIt


2nd Place Award for Interior Handcrafted Design / Locally Sourced – #GettinCitywithIt


2nd Place Award for Interior Traditional Dining Room – #ChinoiserieChic


2nd Place Award for Interior Bar – #RaisingTheBarn


3rd Place Award for Interior Conservatory / Screen Room / Sunroom – #LifesGoodInTheWoods

3rd Place Award for Interior Use of Color – #CallItAFungalow





3rd Place Award for Details Decorative Glass and Mirror – #ChinoiserieChic


3rd Place Award for Details Interior Use of Tile – #GettinCityWithIt


3rd Place Award for Details Repurposed Furniture – #LifesGoodInTheWoods




3rd Place Award for Use of Color – #TheColorBloc