We are Concetti,

a Detroit-founded

interior design

strategy studio.

About Us


We partner with each client as co-creator to express each person’s genuine self at home, at work, and in community through boldly designed solutions.

We create space that becomes


Our Approach

Strategic design for us means really getting to know you, and getting to know who will be using your space. To do this, we ask all kinds of questions, listen intently, and learn what inspires you. We also establish clear goals to assure that your needs are heard. In short, design is a way of problem-solving to improve your entire experience throughout your space.

Our Guiding Principles

We start with a Healthy Respect for everyone we work with, and for the space we’ll create together.

We’ll design your home or work space with solutions that are
True To You.

Because we know that when you can fully be yourself each day, that positive energy expands to others and our Community Thrives.

We Believe

Good design is for everyone

The places where we live and work deeply
impact our well-being

Designs and spaces are about you – the people, the families, the businesses, and the communities who live, work and thrive in your spaces

Well-designed work spaces are
a business advantage

When you can fully be yourself,
the world is better for us all

Meet Our Team

Our commitment to creating spaces where people can be their best selves isn’t just for our clients – it starts with our own team in our own studio. Together we are creative strategic thinkers who respect and support each other individually and as a team. And because everyone at Concetti has space to be our full selves at work, our clients and industry partners trust that we show up fully for them and they are getting our very best, every day.

Rachel A. Nelson



“Design is empowering. There is always a solution if we are willing to work together. That is where the magic lies.”

Rachel A. Nelson

Rachel knew ever since she was 16 years old that Interior Design was her calling, and she hasn’t wavered since! She owes her entrepreneurial spirit to her upbringing with three generations of Detroit business owners that encouraged her to express her creativity from a very young age. It’s no surprise, then, that during a trip to Italy, Rachel decided to form her own firm, naming it after the most critical component in design… the concept (Concetti!) behind it all!

It’s this focus on concept that has distinguished Concetti’s process and success from competitors, and it entirely hinges on getting to know each client, their needs and wishes for their space, and conceptualizing how to make it even more than they could have imagined.

Teamwork, creativity, and personal growth are all actively interwoven into Concetti’s process and its business plan. Rachel calls on her years of experience coaching Color Guard, as well as her passionate and driven personality, to inspire her Concetti team to achieve group and personal goals, and to show up fully in everything they do.

When she’s not leading the charge, you’ll find Rachel tending to her kiddos – her dogs, of course, – while maybe sometimes (maybe all the time) crying as she watches people chase their dreams on reality TV. She’s also deeply involved in giving back to the Detroit community, and helping young women find themselves, specifically their own inner strength, grit, and passion. This is also why her favorite part of her job is getting to know her clients- watching them follow their passion and learn how to interpret that into a built environment. She’d love nothing more than to welcome YOU to be a part of that journey.


Lead Designer + Brand Ambassador


Dreaming big with our clients is so fun, but finding creative ways to implement the big ideas into reality is what I really love.


Taylor first discovered her love of creating spaces from a young age, while she watched her father build her childhood homes. The combination of her vast knowledge and expertise in construction and unique creative vision helps Concetti clientele craft their dream spaces.

Whether Taylor is selecting tiles, designing custom built-ins, or working on-site with the general contractor to troubleshoot, her attention to detail and positive energy keeps every project moving forward with ease. “Communication is key,” says Taylor, who dynamically translates between the client and the builder worlds. “Clients trust that their interests are advocated for and met at every stage.”

In her downtime, Taylor and her fiance are energized by traveling, exploring new restaurants, seeing live music and maintaining their zoo at home – two dogs and two cats.

Kaitlyn Volpe



“Designing space goes so far beyond the aesthetic, I love creating the backdrop for people to experience their lives & make memories in.

Helping clients uncover a deep understanding of themselves is the secret to creating space that is a true reflection of them.”

Kaitlyn Volpe

Meet Kaitlyn, the vibrant and imaginative Senior Designer at Concetti. With roots planted in Kalamazoo, she embodies a rich blend of creativity and passion for interior design.

Kaitlyn's journey into the design world flourished at Kendall College of Art & Design, where she immersed herself in an artful community and earned a degree in Fine Arts with a focus on Interior Design. This academic path also left room for her enduring love for painting.

Years of admiration for Concetti’s work eventually led Kaitlyn to join the team. Inspired by the firm’s dedication to psychology-based design, she is committed to crafting solutions that center around the human experience, which lies at the heart of her design philosophy.

At Concetti, Kaitlyn collaborates seamlessly with a talented team, striving to create spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Their innovative approach and dedication to the client’s vision make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Outside of the studio, she enjoys a rich blend of activities. She can often be found seeking out new cocktail bars, enjoying picnics and tarot on Belle Isle, or spending lazy hours with favorite people under the sun, in a flower field, or at the water’s edge—these are Kaitlyn's happy places.

With a blend of creativity, dedication, and a zest for life, Kaitlyn continues to make Concetti a hub for unparalleled design experiences, embodying their commitment to excellence in every project they undertake.

Emily Barber



Design is a way of communicating. Communicating with the eyes as you glance around it can tell a story. It can make you go “ooo” and “ahhh” or it can also give you a chance to think how things can function differently.”

Emily Barber

Emily’s interior design career practically began even before she finished her degree, when, for a class project, she helped Concetti create a bright and modern loft apartment out of an empty industrial space in Detroit’s Rivertown district. She joined the Concetti team in 2020, just as the studio was finding creative ways to work with clients, and as their projects started gaining wider attention. Perhaps her ease with having her feet in two places at one explains her love of Concetti’s Phase Two- when the materials and furnishing selections are made, and the strategic design solutions start to turn into a reality.

In her role supporting the senior designers, Emily is “the momentum keeper”, bringing her bright ideas and project documentation skills to every single detail of the project. She keeps the energy going as projects transition through Concetti’s three phases – gathering measurements, helping design layout solutions, building 3D concept renderings, gathering quotes and selections, and being on site for deliveries and installations.

Emily credits countless open house visits with her parents as her earliest design inspiration. “I saw how each home reflected the people who lived there, and that there was no one ‘right’ way to create a beautiful home,” she remembers. Emily is very close with her family, and when she’s driving between work sites and family events, odds are she’s got the windows down and music blasting as she sings along with every lyric. And despite the good-natured teasing from her dog-obsessed teammates, Emily is proud to be the studio’s only cat owner, a badge she wears with honor.

Parker Shea



“My favorite thing about Interior Design is that it's never going to be the same thing twice-even if you take the same style and put it into a new space, it's still not going to be the same and I love that.”

Parker Shea

Meet Parker, the dynamic and creative associate designer at Concetti, Detroit's most unique and visionary interior design firm. With a passion for interior design that knows no bounds, Parker thrives on the ever-evolving nature of this captivating field. This zest for constant innovation and a distinctive design approach has earned Parker the nickname “the maverick” among colleagues and clients alike.

Parker's journey into the world of interior design began at the prestigious Heritage School of Interior Design in Denver, Colorado, where a strong foundation was laid for a promising career. Upon relocating to Detroit, Parker knew that the ideal path was to find a design firm that shared their passion for unique aesthetics and a genuine commitment to the city. Concetti proved to be the perfect fit, allowing Parker to channel their artistic flair into crafting extraordinary spaces that reflect the heart and soul of Detroit.

Within the walls of Concetti, Parker collaborates seamlessly with the talented team, working tirelessly to curate spaces that leave a lasting impression on clients. Beyond the studio, Parker's interests extend to exploring the vibrant city of Detroit, creating culinary delights with her husband, embarking on exciting journeys, and engaging in seasonal adventures like skiing and golfing. However, no mention of Parker would be complete without a nod to their loyal canine companion, Jax, who may have a penchant for sock theft but holds a special place in Parker's heart. With a blend of innovation, passion, and a touch of maverick spirit, Parker continues to make Concetti a hub for unparalleled design experiences.

Natasha Light



“I love interior design because I get to work with clients to help bring their ideas into reality. I love to help clients turn their home into something beautiful and it warms my heart and makes me happy to see them excited at how their home looks.”


Ambitious, reliable and detail oriented, Associate Designer Natasha is our rising star. Committed to getting it just right, she thrives in an environment that fosters both challenge and camaraderie while maintaining her sunny disposition, coining her as our “Golden Girl.”

Having graduated from the College for Creative Studies in 2021 with a BFA in Interior Design in Detroit, Natasha embarked on an enriching journey with Concetti, where every day feels like a dynamic blend of creativity and collaboration. Each project pushes her to exceed her limits, and she is dedicated to continually refining her craft.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Natasha is a passionate movie enthusiast and enjoys exploring fashion through curated thrift store finds. Her personal life includes cherishing moments with her beloved cat, Jasper, and exploring Detroit’s cultural offerings and culinary scene. An avid traveler, she seeks out new experiences that inspire her creativity and expand her perspective.

With Concetti, Natasha has discovered more than a career; she has found a fulfilling passion that drives her artistic vision. She is inspired daily by the opportunity to transform spaces into reflections of clients' dreams and aspirations. Her journey with Concetti continues to fuel her ambition and deepen her commitment to creating meaningful and impactful spaces that resonate with clients on a profound level.

Micki Markelle



“I love finding ways to solve problems, but it's even better that I get to do it for a client's living/working environment. The best part is seeing everything come to life during deliveries & installations after coordinating all the little pieces.”

Micki Markelle

Micki discovered Concetti through social media, like so many others, and was instantly drawn to the diversity within their portfolio. With a degree in Fine Arts and Interior Design from Wayne State, she brings a unique approach to design, focusing on solving problems while staying true to the client’s vision.

Known affectionately as “The Baker,” she excels at synthesizing numerous pieces of information into cohesive and meaningful designs. This nickname also reflects her love for baking bread, a passion that parallels her meticulous and creative approach to design.

Living in Detroit, Micki often explores the city’s vibrant restaurant scene and enjoys long walks with her dog and partner. When she’s not out and about, she treasures time spent with family and friends, baking bread, and engaging in spirited video or board games. Her culinary adventures don’t stop at bread; she loves experimenting with new recipes and sharing her creations with loved ones.

Micki’s ability to merge her passion for design with her diverse interests makes her a remarkable asset to the Concetti team and a delightful presence both professionally and personally. She’s inspired by Concetti's commitment to psychology-based design, a philosophy that aligns perfectly with her own values. Her work reflects a deep understanding of the human experience, ensuring that every project she undertakes is both beautiful and meaningful.




Being Concetti's Business Development Director is amazing, it allows me to bridge the gaps between departments, fostering collaboration and enhancing efficiency in problem-solving. I take immense pride in empowering and supporting this remarkable team of women, fostering their growth and success in the office and in our community.


Madeleine is part of Concetti’s leadership team, and as the Business Development Director at Concetti, she plays a pivotal role in the company's success. Her ability to bridge the gaps between departments and foster collaboration is truly remarkable. Madeleine is dedicated to enhancing efficiency in problem-solving, ensuring that the team is always at the top of their game. What sets her apart is her unwavering commitment to empowering and supporting her remarkable team of women, both in the office and in the community. Madeleine's wide range of experience in sales, marketing, and operations is a valuable asset that she combines seamlessly to bring the best to the Concetti team.

Outside of her professional life, Madeleine is an avid explorer, always seeking out new places and restaurants to experience. Her adventurous spirit extends to camping trips with her husband and beloved dogs, creating cherished memories in the great outdoors. Beyond these interests, she has a green thumb and enjoys immersing herself in her garden and attempting farm-to-table cooking.

Madeleine is not only an exceptional Business Development Director but also a multifaceted individual who thrives on both professional and personal fronts. Her dedication to her team, combined with her adventurous spirit and culinary creativity, make her an invaluable asset to Concetti and a delight to know personally.




Being a part of the backend process of a design is really eye opening to just how much behind the scenes work goes into these projects that isn't necessarily thought of when people think of Interior Design.


After working for several years as an Interior Designer, Myranda fell in love with the Procurement process. Her love for processes and problem solving have made her an absolutely invaluable asset to the Concetti team. As the Procurement Specialist, Myranda has the incredible task of being involved in almost every Concetti project behind the scenes. The processes she's established and strategic organizational habits has allowed for the successful implementation of countless projects. 

Myranda's favorite part of working at Concetti is the opportunity to learn so much about the hidden processes necessary in Interior Design. She loves working with a team that supports and uplifts her every single day.

Even when she's not at work Myranda is still working in Interior Design as she's currently renovating her historic 162 year old house with her husband. She loves putting the skills she's obtained at work to use in her own home to create a space that is unique to her growing family. Although it's not a requirement for working at Concetti, we were happy to learn that Myranda is team dog, as two members of Myranda's family have four legs.

Emily Gilbert

Marketing Specialist


“I love to learn, and at Concetti, I'm soaking up new knowledge every day. From diving deep into our three phase design process to figuring out how to market it to people like me who aren't experts in the field, it's all about growth!”

Emily Gilbert

Emily, affectionately known as Gilly, is an integral part of Concetti’s leadership team, serving as their Marketing Specialist. With a blend of sharp intellect and a natural flair for humor, Emily crafts ingenious marketing strategies that resonate effortlessly.

Graduating from Grand Valley State University with a BS in Liberal Studies and a minor in Writing, Emily brings a deep-seated commitment to creativity, innovation, and meaningful impact.

Her role extends beyond traditional marketing boundaries; Emily excels in fostering collaboration and bridging gaps across departments, ensuring cohesive strategies that elevate Concetti’s brand presence. Her extensive experience in sales, marketing, and writing seamlessly integrates to bring out the best in the team.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Emily finds joy in various hobbies including snuggling with her cat, Salem, engaging in book club discussions, collecting vinyl records, and immersing herself in live music experiences.

Emily’s vibrant personality and passion for life shine through in everything she does, making her not just a standout Marketing Specialist but also a well-rounded force at Concetti, bringing fresh ideas and positive vibes to the team and clients alike.