Head Coach: Concetti CEO & Principal Designer Rachel Nelson Explains Her Approach to Mental Wellness & Burnout Prevention in Latest Business of Home Interview

May 17, 2023 | community, interview


As Kaitlin Petersen of Business of Home Writes; “A simple truth: PTO alone isn’t enough to combat burnout, and there’s no one-size-fits-all way to keep a team happy and healthy.”

Alongside three other nation-wide designers featured in the Spring 2023 Issue of Business of Home, Rachel Nelson, CEO & principal designer of Concetti, shares her approach to preventing burnout while maintaining the hustle and grit that comes with leading an award-winning Detroit Interior Design Strategist firm.

“It comes down to standing in your truth and being your authentic self. The empathy piece of this goes against the traditional idea of what being a boss is supposed to be. But as cheesy as it sounds, when you are boldly radiating who you are, the right people will come. It is hard to do—it doesn’t come easily and it takes a minute to get it right—but it’s important to take steps toward your truth even when the outside world hasn’t caught up yet.”