Letter from the CEO + Principal Designer: Decked Out to the Nines

Dec 18, 2023 | community, Detroit, Gratitude Attitude

Y’all…we just turned NINE! First off, hi! It’s Rachel here. As a small business owner, I cannot begin to describe how it feels to have another year of growth behind us. I want to use this opportunity to share a piece of my heart in my first official “Letter from the CEO + Principal Designer” on the Concetti blog.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on everything that’s happened to get us here – the learning moments, the struggles, the victories, and the connections. The dedication to helping you be BOLDLY YOU! Concetti’s growth took off when we made the concerted effort to truly step into ourselves…to become BOLDLY US. To better amplify our client’s authenticity, it was time for us to show OUR personality and unleash the bold approach, out-of-the-box aesthetic, and conviction to excellence that comes with it.



Empowering you to be boldly you is not one-sided. Creating authentic spaces that become you is only possible with your vision and a team of professionals working to make it happen. Consider this my official unofficial love letter to everyone who allows my team and me to do what we do!


To Our Clients…

Concetti started with a single vision: to do interior design differently. Judging by our growth these last night years…you were ready for it!

Our Process is what allows us to make space that becomes you…but Our Process doesn’t work unless we truly get to know you. I wholeheartedly thank each of you who have welcomed us into your space, let your guard down, trusted us, and taken the leap to be boldly, bravely YOU.

This is why no two Concetti projects are exactly alike. From custom new builds and single-room renovations to multi-room transformations and commercial spaces, your visions have allowed our creativity to reach new heights. You’ve challenged us to elevate. You reveled in our shared success. You make our jobs so unbelievably rewarding!


To Our City…

As a third-generation Detroit-based business owner, I have an immense passion and long family history rooted in local Detroit business. The city’s grit has, without a doubt, shaped Concetti. Playing an integral part of the revitalization of this beautiful, strong, passionate city of creatives is a dream come true.

I often think about Detroit’s resilience whenever self-doubt creeps in. The city has had its fair share of setbacks, and guess what? It’s bounced back stronger and better every single time! After nine whole years, it’s beyond satisfying to say that we have, too.

However, determination is only a fraction of what got Concetti to where it is today. Our clients’ spaces come to life thanks to the ridiculously talented creatives we’re lucky enough to call partners and preferred vendors. Detroit interior design is so much richer because of you!

Thank you for helping make our clients’ dreams come true, and in turn, helping fuel our passion.


To Our Future…

It’s been a privilege to reflect on and celebrate nine years of Concetti. However, going from an idea to a thriving interior design strategy firm doesn’t just happen by looking back…it’s time to look forward!

Embarking on our tenth year and gearing up for the next decade feels like the turning of a page…like everything we’ve learned has prepared us for something bigger. I’m fascinated with numerology, so I couldn’t help but look up the significance of the number nine. I was then led to angel numbers and the meaning behind 999.

999 represents a culmination of wisdom and experience, and the magic of endings and new beginnings. 999 is also said to appear to those who are close to achieving their dreams. ⁠

Learning this just about took my breath away! This is THE energy we’re manifesting in 2024 (and beyond). Concetti has already achieved our dreams in so many ways, but we’ve never been more ready to grow, learn, and thrive.

In closing, I just have to say…

Thank you to everyone who’s been along for the ride.

Welcome to those just getting started on a project.

And if you’re finding the courage to be boldly you…we’ll see you soon!



Let’s make something magical this year.