Designing for Wellness : Catch us on CW50!

Jan 15, 2021 | community, Education, Entertainment, interview

RL Conetti CW50

We are so honored to have been asked by Lisa Germani and the Community Connect team at CW50 to discuss why now, more than ever, the thoughtful design of your space is so important for your mental health and wellbeing.

We hope you're able to tune in to catch all the tips and tricks I'm sharing about making your home a healing and healthy space. For a preview of what we'll be discussing with Lisa Germani, check out our hot tips below.

When working from home it's so important to differentiate spaces for working and spaces for relaxing. For some people, this means creating a traditional home office. Many people, including our client #RiseOvertheRiver, need to find creative ways to effectively have spaces play double duty. At #RiseOvertheRiver her kitchen needed to function as a home office as well as a space to cook and entertain. Using strategic design strategy we re-imagined one of the pantry cabinets in her kitchen to house all of her office needs. Now, when she's ready to work, she pulls out all her supplies and then is able to pack it all away when she logs off for the day.

We experience space through our body, therefore through our senses. We really need to be cognizant of what we are surrounding ourselves with. Choose colors, materials, and accessories that are going to evoke a sense of joy. Through our Discovery Process, we learn what it is that makes each client unique so that their space can feel like a true representation of them and their family. In our #KaleidoscopeClient we honored our client's love for bold color with pops of blues and purples in their master bedroom. Graphic wallpaper and textural accents were all thoughtfully curated to create a space that feels uniquely them. When asked by the Detroit News about the space Jerry, our client, said it's like entering a “living work of art.” We prioritize creating this connection between our clients and their spaces more so than following the latest trends.

A hot trend that we are starting to see amongst our clients is creating designated areas within their homes with the sole purpose of relaxation, meditation, and mental health. Whether it be converting an unused guest room into a meditation studio like our clients chose to do above, or creating a designated corner of your bedroom – having a designated relaxing respite is the perfect way to signal to your brain that it is time to disconnect and decompress.

Watch the segment below where Rachel shares all of these tips and more!

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