Highlights from High Point Market

Nov 11, 2022 | community, Cultural, Education

As a small but mighty team, we typically always have at least one person holding down the fort. So, anything that requires all of us to be away from the studio for more than one business day needs to be an investment that will benefit our team, our business, our partners, and our clients. And for the first time in Concetti history, we took the entire team to High Point Fall Market 2022!

Having been to previous High Point Markets, Concetti leadership knew this would be the event to invest in. High Point is where the latest home furnishing styles, trends, and products are introduced. It’s also where home furnishing ideas are born and where industry professionals come together, connect, and develop professionally. 

As design strategists, we do our best work when we’re able to ask a lot of questions, listen intently, allow inspiration to come, and explore…and immersing ourselves into the sights, sounds, and other sensations at the largest home furnishings market in the nation let our creative minds go wild! The experience provided us with team bonding and inspiration we couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

Now that it’s been a couple weeks since we’ve returned, we’ve had a chance to compile our individual and collective takeaways. Check out our High Point Market highlights below! 


The One Where Concetti Goes To High Point


Rachel: Neon Signs & Quick Ship Programs

Neon signs are having a major moment! Visually, I think they’re what caught my eye the most (I mean, how could they not?). They’re edgy, fun, and an easy way to add personality into a space. Neon signs are customizable and allow people to bring bright, powerful mantras into their space completely supporting our belief that everyone deserves to live and work in spaces that fully express their genuine selves!

My other takeaway relates to supply chain issues and labor shortages. We’re all feeling the pinch across the board, but learning about the solutions companies are coming up with to innovate their business and offer quick ship items was inspiring. It just goes to show how resilient we are, which gives me hope for what’s to come.

Emily: Spot Tables

I saw countless designs for spot tables. They may be small, but it’s amazing what they do for a space! They can serve as an added aesthetic while helping achieve functional goals. The variety at High Point put a lot of ideas in my mind of how clients can showcase their style and personalities through these unique tables.


Whitney: Funky Yet Functional

For me, the recurring theme from High Point was that “simple” design certainly doesn’t translate into “boring.” There are so many ways to take something simple and functional, but depending on how it’s used, it can compliment anyone’s unique style. Bold colors in calm spaces were one of the ways I saw this translated.


Gabi: Totally Texture 

I saw bouclé fabric EVERYWHERE. I also noticed a lot of cane + textural art pieces and decor. This stuck out to me because I feel like texture can have a big impact on the personality and character of a space. Texture adds an unspoken dimension that can be felt and seen.


Given the 12.2 million square feet of showroom and exhibit space across several buildings, our team came home from High Point exhausted, inspired, and grateful. As far as team bonding goes, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We have a renewed understanding of what makes each of us tick, which nurtured our culture and creativity. 

Having our entire team there also stirred up feelings of gratitude and reflection. Concetti is what it is today because of our team’s talent, our partners, and our clients. We literally couldn’t have gotten here without these people. 

And even though we were only gone for a few days…we couldn’t believe how homesick we were by the end of the trip. It reinforced how much Detroit influences us each and every day. No matter where we go, how much we grow, or how many client relationships bloom outside of Detroit, each project has some form of Detroit inspiration – whether it’s obvious or not.

Now that we’re back in this wonderful city of ours, we’ve hit the ground running and are already weaving our takeaways into our day-to-day. 

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