Surround Yourself In Self-Care This New Year!

Jan 7, 2022 | Education, Residential

Now that the Holidays are over, it’s time to finally put yourself first!  Winter is the perfect time to lean into caring for your wellbeing, and we think that investing in the space that surrounds you every day is an investment worth making!

An investment in your space is an investment in yourself.

You gave so much during the holiday season, we want you to give back to yourself with a home that works with you! We know that good design takes time, which is why we want to share our expert knowledge with you to help you invest in yourself and your personal haven. 

It's time to reflect on your gathering time this season and evaluate if your surroundings work for you or against you. We’ve got 5 expert tips on how to strategically flip the switch and create a space that’s more functional, more inspiring, and more YOU!


1. Start With Goals

We’d like you to explore ways that will make your space more meaningful without a complete overhaul. You can do this by setting some small goals and thinking about how you want to feel in your space. List out what areas of your home were causing tension over the holidays. Did your space feel complete or were there areas that needed more “oomph”? Getting a handle on the goals for each area of your home will give you a great foundation for making adjustments.

2. Understand Your Flow

The key to creating a functional flow that works for you is to understand your needs and how you use your room. Did your kitchen feel cramped and cluttered this year? Did your seating serve your evenings and your days? Here in our #GreenFitForAQueen project, we designed a custom breakfast nook to better serve the use of our client’s existing room. Our Senior Designer Jackie re-envisioned the lackluster functionality of the dining area as a place for both family dinners elongating the footprint of their once cramped kitchen.

We created a custom bench within the bay window area to achieve a comfortable seating niche that didn’t impede the room’s flow. This creates a room where families can gather for meals or open up a laptop and get to work!.

We also added custom shelves to house unsightly storage, eliminated an under utilized command center in exchange for open shelving to house unsightly storage, offering both function and visual texture instead of clutter. Considering what you do and don’t want to see and how you physically move through your room – this will help you know where to start. 


3. Transform Existing Fixtures

Using what you already have and enhancing it is a great way to save both time and money. Small but transformative touches can make all the difference. In the same project, #GreenFitforaQueen, project we had the cabinet features extended to the ceiling and added soffits, crown molding, and a new coat of paint–a great way to add value to your existing cabinets without breaking the bank.

4. Bring in Something Special

Adding spark with decorative touches is also an excellent way to liven up any space and make it feel like YOU. In #CallitaFUNgalow we saturated the entire space in her favorite color and matching fun decorative pillows, upholstery, and light fixtures. Reupholstered an existing sofa to reimagine the space into something that felt more true to you. If you love luxury, consider introducing some glamor. Crave calm? A touch of coziness and texture can make your room not just look great, but feel great too.


5. Multi-Function to the Max

Utilizing every corner of your home for both functionality and design helps to create the perfect oasis. In our #JUSTUS2INA2 project, we were tasked with creating a sophisticated spare room that reflected our client’s high-end taste and also worked well for overnight guests. We paid great attention to detail here by choosing a murphy bed that does double-duty as a desk when not in use. Creating a multi-purpose area is an effective way to better utilize what you have while still creating a space that is a true reflection of you!

To Recap

The new year is an ideal time to reflect on how your home has served you in past years. The best spaces are the ones that are not only functional but are also a reflection of your true, genuine self. With these 5 expert strategy tips, we hope you can start to envision a place where your surroundings support your needs as a form of self-care–somewhere that looks good, serves your flow, and you can feel perfectly proud of! 


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