Expanding to Birmingham: Doing design differently in Oakland County

Apr 12, 2019 | News, updates

For five years since our founding, Detroit has been our foundation. We’ve seen such opportunity in serving a city on the rise, and have been humbled to play a part in elevating the city’s spaces through design. But we’ve always known we wouldn’t stop there.

Already, 2019 is showing us love. From becoming a featured designer at the iconic Michigan Design Center, to finding out we won two awards from the Detroit Home Design Awards, we’ve had plenty to celebrate. And now we have something more to announce:

—> We’ve expanded! <–

Starting January off right, we had the pleasure to announce that we are now a member designer for Forest Avenue Design, a collaborative of powerful interior designers. This means a lot of exciting things for us, so let’s break it down:

1. Doing interior design differently in Oakland County

Our new satellite location is much more than just a building – it opens us up to so many possibilities when serving in Oakland County. Although very different from Detroit, Oakland County is a natural extension. Homeowners are demanding more from interior design these days. They want design that serves their lifestyle, and improves it.

We’ve noticed throughout our careers that often design can have a frivolous reputation. Designers can be seen as decorators who add unnecessary layers of florals and heavy drapery to a space to make it seem luxurious.

We’re here to break that mold and misconception, and Birmingham-area homeowners are breathing a sigh of relief with us. Finally they can lean on someone to solve their awkward and crowded back entry, or create a floor plan worthy of epic entertaining.

Being closer to the people who need our help is huge in being able to help.

2. Our expanded team of project managers keep all the plates spinning

Have you ever tried to handle a complete design overhaul on your own? If you have, you know how intense it can be. From creating purchase orders, to ordering fabric samples, to double checking if a yardage amount is correct – it’s a ton of leg work, and all incredibly important.

Our clients don’t want to handle that, and they shouldn’t have to! In our Birmingham space, we have project management support so we can focus more on your design strategy and you can focus on… enjoying the view! The diligent support Forest Avenue provides for these details makes jobs go seamlessly, puts smiles on our client’s faces and gives us more time to spend on doing things we love.

3. We get to team up and collaborate with a group of incredible designers

With three other designers collaborating in this space, it’s always a breath of fresh air to come into the office and feel so much support and inspiration from them. Building relationships with these powerful women designers has been an honor.

4. Oakland County was meant to be

Something we love about working in Oakland County is getting to bring strategic design to large scale projects that impact so many lives. Our co-founder Lauren lives here, in Ferndale, and we see so many parallels between the iconic spaces we’ve designed in Detroit and the impeccable taste of Birmingham-area residents.

Oakland County residents lead busy lives, and our aim toward seamless is welcomed with open arms here. We also know residents here value having a partner and advocate. They appreciate that we make sure our client’s space truly fits their lifestyle, whether they’re raising a family or traveling the world.

And we don’t plan on stopping here. Our vision and growth have taken us to Oakland County this year, and in the years to come we’ll go even further.

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