Gettin' City with It


Scott DiParvine


Residential, New Construction


Photographs BY Brett Mountain Unless Otherwise Noted


Midtown, Detroit, MI


Detroit Design Awards – Details: Interior / Exterior Lighting
Detroit Design Awards – Homes: Apartment / Loft / Condo
Detroit Design Awards – Interiors: Handcrafted Design / Locally Sourced
Detroit Design Awards – Interiors: Bath
Detroit Design Awards – Interiors: Kitchen
Detroit Design Awards – Interiors: Contemporary Design
Detroit Design Awards – Details: Use of Tile

Concetti’s latest design project celebrated the essence of Detroit through uniquely crafted Detroit-centric pieces, local partnerships, and plenty of design material celebrating the city’s rich roots. In this project, Concetti was presented with the opportunity to develop the interior of one of the units of the Eco Homes Project – a new detached residential condo development in Midtown, Detroit. 


After moving back to his hometown of Detroit, our client, Scott DiParvine, was looking to create a design aesthetic and vision that reminded him of his childhood growing up here.

He also wanted to create the feeling of openness, in order to utilize unused space, making it feel larger than it actually is.



With any new construction home, there can be an overwhelming array of decisions to be made. We made sure to guide Scott through the process by presenting multiple options and advocating for him along the way.

To make the space feel bigger, we opened up the sight lines with a multi-functional design throughout. 

 One of the biggest re-imaginings we did was flipping the entire kitchen, moving it from a staircase wall in the back of the house to the front of the house, which opened up the site lines and allowed this small footprint to feel as large as possible. This allowed room for a wet bar, and for us to rework the layout of both the front and back entrances. We then did the same for the Master Suite and lower level, bringing in touches of Detroit along the way.

The second layer of development came from understanding our clients’ deep love for Detroit and infusing the unique industrious spirit of the city into his space.

Two of our favorite features are a 3-story mural of a vintage Detroit map leading up the staircase to the second floor and a Diego Rivera replica mural in the basement space, both fabricated by Detroit Wallpaper Company.

We also partnered with Line Studio Detroit to create custom concrete countertops and sink, complete with eye catching brass inlays.

By the end of the project we made sure every aspect of the home supported Scott's day to day function, look, and lifestyle. 

After all, there is no better way to create a space that oozes the essence of Detroit than by using material, laborers, creatives, and makers from the city itself.

Phase One




Phase One is all about you!


We See & Hear You

During the Discover phase, we will hand you the mic and ask you all the right questions to make sure we’re united on your desired aesthetics, your current pain points, and your biggest goals for your project. We’ll then walk through your existing floorplan inch by inch to uncover everything that needs an upgrade and share your Visual Guidelines in a fun and easy-to-digest format.

Phase One is all about you!


We’ll Dream Big

The Co-Create phase is where we’ll bring your discovered design solutions to life! We will develop 3D renderings that will help you visualize the full potential of your space, with plenty of options and variations that will address your unique needs, wants, and goals.

Phase Two




Phase Two is putting your vision into action


Customizations for You

The Personalize phase is exactly as it sounds- this is where we solidify exact pieces that will make your space you. We will put our time and attention into gathering multi-dimensional pieces that are not only beautiful but also hold meaning in a way that uniquely reflects you.

Phase Two is putting your vision into action


Instructions for Your Team

The Translate phase is lovingly hands-off for you, and all about aligning your team of builders and contractors around our agreed-upon vision. We will share an in-depth instruction manual with technical drawings, detailed elevation mapping, and specifications that will ensure your builders will have everything they need to replicate your vision.

Phase Three




Phase Three is when your vision becomes reality!


Act As Your Champion

In the Advocate phase, contracts are now signed, construction begins, and we have passed the torch onto your builders and tradesmen. We will act as your construction advocate,
keeping the design we co-created together at the forefront of everyone’s minds
to see the project through to completion.

Phase Three is when your vision becomes reality!


Finishing Touches to Perfect Your Space

In the Celebrate phase, our team of design experts will get to work transforming
your new walls into a gorgeous and move-in-ready space.
What was once a 3D rendering will soon be… your new reality.

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“Their scope of work was way more than I thought it was. They customized it and got it right the first time. I could have never done this on my own.”

Scott DiParvine, Homeowner