Hooky Wellness


Hooky Wellness


Commercial, Mental Wellness Club



Phase 1 Only


Detroit, MI

Hooky Wellness is truly one-of-a-kind in today’s modern world, offering hardworking professionals comprehensive burnout support through workshops, training and in-person care.

Their female founder found Concetti through END studio (a connector for female businesses) and knew it was a match made in wellness heaven as soon as they started talking about their vision. She was in the process of sourcing funding, and wanted to set the foundations for their flagship location, with hopes to build a space that would provide a comforting atmosphere for professionals to relax, connect and uplevel their personal development.

Additionally, a key facet to their services is routinizing the healthcare approach, offering their clients support for everyday life, not just once in a blue moon. Therefore, the space required plenty of planning to make it feel warm, inviting, and somewhere that clients would look forward to returning to again and again.

The team was extremely helpful in visually bringing to life what was in my head and that was invaluable.

– Erayna Sargent, Founder