5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Strategic Interior Design Studio ASAP For Your New Construction Home

May 18, 2022 | New Construction, Renovation and Remodeling, Residential

Whether you’re redoing a room or planning a whole-house remodel, it is important that you line up a team that understands how your new space will work functionally, first. If you’re looking for the best first step, look for a professional interior design studio that not only understands design and flow, but also professionally oversees floor plan reconfiguration, three dimensional modeling, and close collaboration with trades teams to see that the job is done right. 

1. A Professional Design Firm Will Help You Lay The Groundwork For the Rest of The Project




Bringing in the right interior design studio early in the building process can provide critical perspectives and advice around how your designs, floorplans, and remodeling will affect the functionality of your space.

For instance, in our most recent project, our client, Scott, reached out to us with some big goals. He had just purchased a 1,400 square foot, sustainable living Eco Home through Midtown Sustainable Housing, which is a modern community highly dedicated to reducing their overall carbon footprint. Beautiful! The challenge, however, was that this commitment to sustainability meant he had many restrictions around the architectural design capabilities. We came to learn that we were not allowed to touch or change any of the exterior of the floorplan, JUST the interior. That means we could not adjust or redesign any of the windows, walls or anything else on the perimeter of the house at all. 

Despite the parameters, we were up to the challenge! By paying close attention to the workable interior space, we entirely reimagined Scott’s living quarters, with the ultimate goal of opening up his space for optimal breathability. 

2. The Right Partner Will Help to Re-Imagine Your Floor Plan For Maximum Functionality 

To get the most value out of your space during a new build-out, it is critical you bring your professional interior design team in early, preferably before any construction has even begun, so they can fully review your floor plan, and suggest changes as needed. 

For instance, when we first arrived at Scott’s house, it was all studs, cramped vestibules, a small dining area and an even smaller kitchen. We quickly noticed a lot of unused and wasted space, and an overall design that was not functioning to its highest capacity. 

One of the first things we did was re-idesign the first floor plan. Since we learned that our client, Scott, loves entertaining, we knew he needed space that allowed that breathable, open feel for himself and guests. 

To accomplish this, we decided to flip the entire kitchen, moving it from the staircase wall at the back of the house to the front of the house, which opened up the sitelines and allowed this small footprint to feel as large as possible. 

To utilize the space even further, we decided to remove an entire section of the second floor, elevating the kitchen to become a two-story space. We added a stylish catwalk and railing for openness, and accentuated the height and intrigue of this room with two massive, commercial-sized light fixtures. When you walk across the catwalk on the second floor, you get a gorgeous vantage point of the lights, and you can have easy conversation with your friends on the first floor below. 


3. Your Design Firm Will Offer Creativity in Shaping Your Space

Redesigning a small space, especially if it has tight parameters, requires ample knowledge and creativity. Our team specializes in paying keen attention to opportunities for “double-duty” –  building structures or spaces that fulfill two different purposes at once. 

A great example is the custom-built countertop we crafted in Scott’s new, open-air kitchen. Rather than creating a separate and standard kitchen island, we combined efforts with some highly talented Detroit-based fabricators to build an entirely unique, multi-functional gathering hub in the central area of the home. This allowed us to maximize the space and use ONE footprint for TWO entirely different uses, both dining and traditional kitchen island. 

We also came up with the idea of combining the efforts of two skilled Detroit-based fabricators, Line Studio Detroit and Woodward Throwbacks, to help create the perfect piece. This project required an extreme amount of integration, with Woodward Throwbacks sourcing the reclaimed, wooden dining table top, and Line Studio Detroit crafting the detailed concrete portions of the countertop. 

As a team, everyone ensured that the counter’s widths, heights, and functionality matched for optimal entertaining and enjoyment of the space. 

4. Your Design Team Will Truly Listen To Your Needs, and Execute On The Best Decisions

Not only is it critical to work with a design firm that understands functionality and architecture, but it’s also important they’re customer-centric enough to truly listen to how you will use, and what you want for your space. 

As we got to know more and more about our client, Scott, we recognized his desire to incorporate a wet bar into the space. We took a hard look at the floorplan and where there was unused real estate, and we decided that the cramped powder room and vestibule in the back of the house would act as the perfect canvas for a reimagined entertainment nook.


We kept the back entryway the same, but built a new, larger coat closet and powder room, adding in a new interior wall to his living room that would perfectly stack a custom wet bar. To up the class, we added gold detailing, concrete backsplash, and of course some shout-outs to Detroit all throughout the wet bar design.

As a special little surprise, we also gifted Scott a custom-built bar cart, with matching wood to his reclaimed counters, fitting seamlessly beneath his cantilevered island space. We really mean it when we say not a single inch will be wasted! 

5. Make Sure Your Design Team Will Advocate For You The Entire Project

New construction projects require a lot of different players, a lot of decisions, and a lot of industry-speak that can leave a homeowner’s head spinning. Juggling communication and expectations between every single party can be an exhausting process as a one-man (or woman) show. But, with an Interior Design Strategist on your side, you get a shoulder to lean on every step of the way. 

A quick example from this project was designing Scott’s fireplace and wall aesthetic. He let us know early on that he really wanted a wood burning stove somewhere in the house. In reviewing the floorplans, we decided it would be fun to offer him and his guests a “warm welcome” by situating the stove just to the left of the front entryway.




As we got to the design phase, Scott’s original vision was to cloud the walls in metal sheets to keep with his industrial aesthetic. After ample research, we began to recognize that the price and functionality of using real metal would not be in his or his project’s best interest. Rather than moving forward regardless, we chose to advocate for our client, and brought him a creative workaround by using a wall covering by Phillip Jeffries to emulate the same metallic feel. Then, as a juxtaposition to those large, circular light fixtures suspended above the living space, we  we added strategically placed linear recessed lights that hugged the wall vertically up and around the ceiling to create a division between the second and first floors. 

The Value of Great Interior Design Is Priceless 

The goal of a strategic interior designer is to create a space that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but is also catered to you and your needs, and works functionally with your life. With the continuously growing demand for space, prices per square foot of properties are on the rise, making your interior living space one of the most valuable assets you’ll occupy. 

At Concetti, we take that planning and design very seriously, and can’t stress enough the importance of bringing your interior designer in early in the design process. We assure you that a little forward thinking early on can make a huge difference to the success of your finished space; and save you time, money and hassle in the process.

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