#GreenFitForAQueen: Meaningful Design Brings Glamour to the Kitchen

Aug 30, 2021 | Renovation and Remodeling, Residential, updates


After moving into a newly built 3,400 square foot home in Metro Detroit, Tamira C. knew she wanted to bring glamour and intention to the center of her home. As a successful lawyer and entrepreneur, she wanted to create a kitchen where she could enjoy the bookends of her day and a space where family memories could be made. 

Tamira met Rachel Nelson, Founder and Principal Designer at RL Concetti, during their time together in a business program. The more Tamira learned about Rachel and RL Concetti, she began to understand the value that the studio could offer through their uniquely strategic interior design process. By the end of the program, Tamira was set on having RL Concetti turn her lusterless kitchen into a cheery, share-worthy celebration.

“Rachel helped me understand how important strategic interior design was to the success of a space,” said Tamira. “My standards are very high, and I knew RL Concetti would be the ones to help me achieve the kitchen my family deserved.”


Discovering Your Personal Design Aesthetic & Home Flow

Utilizing their phased approach to design, RL Concetti began Tamira’s kitchen redesign project with an exercise in discovery. Like any well-designed new construction home, the kitchen came with modern architecture, fixtures, and appliances that worked well for Tamira’s family. The biggest thing that was missing was a sense of character. 

Together with Senior Interior Designer Jackie Schweiger, Rachel began to explore ways to make the space more meaningful without a complete overhaul. They brainstormed opportunities to enhance the existing cabinetry and countertops, and ultimately achieve the glamorous transformation Tamira was hoping for. 

“It’s important to us, both environmentally and socially, to explore design solutions where we don’t have to scrap everything,” said Rachel. “It’s a great feeling when we can help our clients save time and budget by enhancing what they already have.”

Together, Rachel and Jackie helped Tamira explore her family’s real-life goals, discussing how they wanted to engage with and feel in the space. From there, Rachel and Jackie were able to help Tamira land on a unique visual aesthetic for her space. 

“Tamira wanted her kitchen to be light and bright. She did not want to shy away from the drama. To her, this meant high contrast in color and materials, including luxurious metals and high-quality fixtures,” said Rachel. “Together we determined the architecture and appliances were working. Our job was to enhance the quality of what the space had to offer with strategic interior design solutions.” 


Visualizing Strategic Interior Design Solutions in 3D

During the next phase of RL Concetti’s design process, a clear picture of the new kitchen began to materialize. After a thorough field measuring of the space, down to measuring the door frames and documenting every electrical outlet, Jackie was able to virtually build the design project with 3D renderings. This allowed Tamira to see the plan in true-to-life form, and be confident in each part of the design before making final selections.


Transform Existing Fixtures with High-value Design Solutions

The kitchen’s refresh started with the complete makeover of the cabinets. RL Concetti sourced a general contractor to extend the fixtures to the ceiling and add soffits, crown molding, and a new coat of paint. Incorporating layers of additional design features is a great way to add perceived value to existing cabinetry.

After the carpentry work was completed, it was time to add spark with decorative touches. While the existing appliances were state-of-the-art, the stove lacked personality. Jackie helped source an ornamental range hood that brought a gorgeous gold focal point into the room. Strong metallic lines were also reflected in the bar stools, creating visual cohesion. Jackie also sourced the perfect tile to elevate the space that surrounded the cooking and sink areas with subtle luxury. 


Creating a Functional Space that Works for You

By understanding how the family uses the space, RL Concetti designed a custom breakfast nook to support their needs. Jackie re-envisioned the functionality of the dining area as a place for both family dinners and work. 

“While the layout of the kitchen was working, the layout of the dining area was causing a lot of pain points,” said Jackie. “We had to reimagine how the existing architecture could support better functionality. By leveraging the bay window as a seating area, we were able to open up the space for the family to gather for meals or help with work.”

By creating a custom bench within the bay window area, RL Concetti was able to achieve a comfortable seating area that didn’t impede on the room’s flow. An outdated ‘kitchen desk’ area was updated with custom shelves to house basket storage, offering both function and visual texture instead of clutter. A gorgeous accent light above the dining table added the high glamour Tamira loved, and the gorgeous shade of green wall paint helped bring the two newly designed spaces together. 

“So often people start designing without a motivator,” said Rachel. “When we take the time to understand the inner workings of the space, we can achieve meaningful spaces that not only look gorgeous but that also makes your day-to-day life better.” 

This kitchen redesign is a testament to the fact that investing in interior design doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Strategic design decisions can leverage a home’s architecture, breathe new life into existing pieces, increase the home’s value, all while creating a transformative space that solves both aesthetic and functional pain points.


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