3 Reasons to Hire a Design Strategist for your New Construction Project

Apr 20, 2022 | New Construction, Residential

We have an important message for anyone thinking about building a new construction project… building from scratch DOES NOT have to be overwhelming. In fact, the journey can be (and should be!) downright fun when you have the right strategic design partners by your side. 






Ditch the stress and start to get excited about your new build by partnering with a strategic design team that has the expertise, partnerships, and collaborative know-how to turn your dream home into a reality. Learn three reasons why you should add “Talk to a Design Strategist” to the top of your new construction to-do list.


1. We’ll Create a Holistic Vision, Together


When starting your new construction, it’s often the detailed design decisions that become the biggest weight for homeowners. From the style of the roof to the placements of door frames to tiles on the bathroom floor, every decision is yours to make… yikes! 

















Okay, now breathe. We get it– new construction requires a lot of decisions, which can quickly add up, and is a recipe for overwhelm. In order to mitigate against this, our Design Strategists always begin our work by walking clients through a discovery phase to build out a holistic vision for their home. When we’re able to build a big-picture understanding of how you’ll use your home, what design you love, what designs you hate, it begins to form a critical foundation for the rest of our project. 

































This holistic vision helps us to create the floor plans, material selections, and renderings that will help you visualize your day-to-day life in your future home. We deliver all of this information in bite-sized, digestible nuggets so that you can find comfort and confidence in each decision moving forward. 

































2. We’ll Source Furnishings Unique to YOU

















Let’s just say… “we’ve got a guy”. Okay, kidding, but when you partner with us, that means you’re also getting exclusive access to our showrooms and to-the-trade vendors for unique pieces you’d never find at a retail store. These partnerships will be key to transforming your new build into your own customized space that expresses your individuality and personality throughout every room. 

































One of our favorite partners is Michigan Design Center, a design center and showroom with access to over 1,000 manufacturers, representing the finest names in tile, fabric, home furnishings, lighting, kitchens, floor coverings, and accessories. With so many genuine, unique options, we’re certain we can craft a space completely customized to you.

































3. We Act as Your Biggest Advocate Through Every Step of the Process

















New construction requires a lot of different players, from the architects to the builders to the furnishers and beyond. Juggling communication and expectations between every single party can be an exhausting process as a one-man show. But, with a Design Strategist on your side, you get a shoulder to lean on every step of the way.

































“I’m a firm believer that we’re stronger together. The collaboration between the client, builder, and our firm has made for a really solid team,” said Rachel. “When we can be solution-oriented together, it’s clear that everyone is on the same team working to make an amazing new home that the client will cherish forever.” – Rachel

















With our comprehensive knowledge of your vision, timeline, and budget, we will act as a champion for your new build through all stages of the project.

































Ready to Work with the Best?

















If you’re intrigued by the thought of taking on a new construction project and actually enjoying the process, we’re here to help!