How to Elevate Holiday Themes to Match Your Aesthetic: Halloween Edition

Oct 17, 2022 | Residential

The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and the days are growing shorter…fall is officially here and the Halloween aesthetic is in full swing!

There’s something about this season that just feels magical. Maybe it’s the warm hues, pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon everything or, if you’re like us, it’s knowing that Halloween is right around the corner.

Our team recently busted out their Halloween décor, and their picks reflected their personal aesthetics perfectly

And isn’t that what makes Spooky Season so fun? There’s something for everyone this time of year. From the classic color schemes to horror homages or soft/subtle neutrals, there’s a way to elevate Halloween decorations in a way that matches any aesthetic.

The way we see it, is that it’s not about bringing Halloween into (or outside of) your space – it’s about bringing your space to Halloween! Read on to see what we mean.


Leaning into the Theme

We recently talked about using conceptual design to get your space ready for fall, and one of the ways we did this was by explaining its counterpart: theme. 

While conceptual design is more of a subtle, abstract way to style your space (perfect for general seasons), themes are more literal. Think: using more overt pieces like pumpkins, decorative skeletons, and bats. So naturally, theme is a Halloween aesthetic’s best friend. 

The fun thing about theme is that you can crank it as high or low as you want. To show you what we mean, our designers rounded up their inspiration and photos of their own spaces this year.  


The One Where Concetti Designers Do Halloween


Rachel’s Elevated Exterior

The interior of CEO & Principal Designer Rachel’s home is already done to the nines, so she focuses her holiday styling efforts on the exterior of her home. Instead of traditional black and orange Halloween colors, she leans into a more jewel-toned palette with stacked painted pumpkins that feel like a more authentic reflection of her style. 

Looking for a cheap and easy DIY!? Rachel used miniature pumpkin candy bags to loop over her existing landscaping lights. At night, the pumpkins lining the pathway give off a spooky glow!


Taylor, the Boho Boo

Lead Designer + Brand Ambassador Taylor prefers a more neutral aesthetic in her home, leaning towards a Bohemian vibe. Her fiancé is a Halloween fanatic, so finding decor that felt true to both of them was a challenge. Neutral skeletons and sea salt and white pumpkins did the trick! Adding faux cobwebs to existing pieces also upped the creepy factor without infringing on the general aesthetic of the home.

Her favorite DIY is swapping out her usual greenery for some bare branches pulled from the backyard. The Halloween vibe was complete once she added cobwebs and plastic bats into her arrangement.


Emily’s Witchy Whimsy

A lover of all things whimsical, Emily gravitated toward these exterior images from Mitzi and Pinterest.

She loves the full utilization of the space – from the ways the ground levels are filled to how the ceilings were activated with fun hanging elements.

Emily loves the intrigue that comes with a styled exterior and the way it can leave passersby wondering about the magic within the interior. 


Whitney’s Ghostly Glassware

Junior Designer Whitney is also a Halloween FANATIC. Her favorite place to decorate is without a doubt her AM & PM bars. For Whitney, there’s no better way to start or end the day than with a good beverage and a big ol’ dose of her favorite seasonal décor!

An easy but impactful way she completes her Halloween aesthetic is by switching out seasonally inspired glassware. 


Gabi's Seasonal Subtlety 

Junior Designer Gabi takes inspiration from this Studio McGee article on how to decorate for Halloween. She loves the idea of creating an impactful moment in the entryway of a space.

The rust-toned orange feels more natural than a bright orange but still plays into the Halloween aesthetic.The decor is simple, understated and used only to enhance the existing beautiful design of the space.

This is a perfect example of how just a few simple touches can make a huge difference!


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