Is It Time to Refresh Your Space?

Feb 15, 2023 | Residential

Transitional periods, like the new year or changing seasons, are great opportunities to refresh your space. Beyond aesthetic reasons, these are times when we often check in on ourselves.

Have you recently overcome a major challenge?

Did you do something to boost your confidence?

Are you working on embracing yourself more authentically?

Are you stepping into a new phase in life, like our Rose Hues in River View client?

Human beings are not built to be static. We’re constantly growing and changing, and we deserve spaces that match that growth.

Now, we’re not saying that every phase in life requires a space refresh. That’s unsustainable (and expensive). However, a refresh after a significant change can make your whole experience come full circle. Sometimes it can look like an entire condo redesign to match your lifestyle, or it can be as simple as updating a single room to reflect who you are.

Concetti CEO & Principal Designer Rachel Nelson had one of these experiences not too long ago. The result was our Call it a FUNgalow project, a refreshed living room that’s an unapologetic reflection of who she is…and is unapologeticalli Concetti!

Find the full story below and discover what can happen when you decide to be brave enough to be boldly you!

From Chic Retreat to Peacock Paradise

Given Rachel’s background, her original living room rendering was chic, modern, and represented her expertise as a designer. In fact, it was even featured as a “Chic Retreat” in this Detroit Design article.



However, she realized it wasn’t quite her anymore as she continued to grow as a designer and take more risks with her personal style. Daring juxtapositions and new funky textures began making their way into her vision as she stepped deeper into her own taste and who she was becoming.

The plan for a refresh went into full swing when she came across a fringed, peacock-blue chandelier from Detroit designer Regina Andrew. Not only did the color scheme inspire her vision for the peacock room, but having loved them since she was a young girl affirmed that her style evolution was constantly aligning more with her own authenticity.

While the Regina Andrew lamp inspired Rachel to refresh her space, it did NOT drive her to panic-buy completely new pieces. What she did next proved that you can refresh an entire space while maximizing elements you already own.

Remix, Recycle, Reuse

As an interior design strategist, there’s no limit to Rachel’s imagination. Her budget, on the other hand, had a ceiling. Like anyone else, she wanted to make the most of her previous investments.

If the fear of starting over is holding you back from refreshing your space, take a moment to evaluate what you can repurpose. Many of your current pieces probably reflect who you are.

That’s what makes the peacock room a refresh and not a complete remodel!

Her already stellar curtains allowed her to go wild and saturate the room in the peacock color scheme. Same thing with the chairs – the only update was the addition of new pillows. Don’t forget about the sectional, either – she held onto it but worked with a local vendor to reupholster it in chartreuse performance fabric.

Why performance fabric? Just ask the 100-pound pit bull that sleeps on it multiple hours a day.



If there’s only one thing you learn from Rachel’s journey, it’s that investing in quality pieces and furniture is invaluable! High-quality pieces are more sustainable and give you more freedom to make thoughtful switches on less expensive pieces.

Refreshed and Ready for Whatever

While the before and after’s are equally magazine-ready (literally – check out her story that was featured on the cover of SEEN Magazine), Rachel’s refreshed space celebrates her individuality and honors her growth. Like a peacock that holds its feathers back when it’s not communicating, her original rendering failed to fully express her personality.

Looking back at Rachel’s room refresh is a reminder of what can happen when you’re brave enough to be boldly you. From there, you’re able to identify pieces that align with who you are and meet your functional goals. Before you know it, you’ll have a space that is an extension of you – and all the hard work you put in to become that person.

If you’re anything like Rachel, you won’t stop there. Wait until you see her basement transformation…



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