Using Problem Solving to Achieve Design Solutions – #TheNewNautical

Jan 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

As Interior Design Strategists we look beyond the aesthetics of a space to ensure that our design solutions are just that … SOLUTIONS to problems that our clients are experiencing in their built environment.

We utilize Design Thinking strategy which shares so many similarities to that of a Scientific Method. This way we can be assured that we are proposing the best solution possible.

Our client #TheNewNautical loved the gorgeous views of the lake from their Master Suite but an unsightly bump-out on the floor was preventing them from fully enjoying the space. During a recent renovation, the builders accommodated the headroom for the staircase leading into the second floor by adding a slanted 4’ by 4’ obstruction in the master bedroom seen below.

Additional pain points included the layout of the space which limited the spatial layout. One wall contained gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows, another was a full wall of closet doors, while the third and fourth wall shared the problem of the obstruction from the stairs.

Finally, like many couples, our clients found themselves fighting over a limited amount of storage space.

Unsightly Obstruction
Difficult Spatial Layout
Limited Storage

If we create a custom built-in then we will be able to encapsulate the obstruction while providing additional storage space.

During the Co-Create phase, we utilized 3D renderings to help our clients feel confident as they moved forward with our proposed design.
They originally had placed their bed facing the wall of windows so that they could enjoy the views of the lake outside that they loved so much. When we rotated the bed to accommodate the proposed built-ins they were worried that they would lose the connection to the outdoors. To solve this problem we infused the space with colors and materials that blurred the lines of the outdoors and indoors – bringing the lake life vibes inside.

Stay tuned for updates on the blog to see our solution – a custom built-in around the bed that conceals the obstruction, provides more storage AND brings the vibes of the lake like that they love so much inside. This is what we call the #NewNautical