The Paradox of Resting and a Thriving Business : How We Integrated a Holistic Health Approach that Reinvigorated the Entire Team and Business

Aug 13, 2020 | Wellness

Rachel Nelson RL Concetti Detroit Interior Designer Working hard has never been a challenge for me – my work ethic is what has helped me excel all throughout school, winning national competitions in drum corps, coaching, and teaching championship color guard teams, and now running a growing and successful business.  Working hard is as much a part of who I am (hello Enneagram Type Eight) as my love for dogs, my commitment to my partner Joe, or my Detroit-based roots.  

Growing a business from the ground up took every bit of grit and determination I had learned in life while sprinkling in financial risk, lack of sleep, and some serious stress. After seven years of this kind of hustle, I hit a wall. I thought this was normal and expected – Detroit hustles harder, right?  

I didn’t realize how much I needed more balance in my life until I met Samantha Schmuck of Revived Living at J’adore Loft. I was at a Dames Collective (now Level Up) event in Eastern Market a year ago where I attended a session that would transform my life.

Samantha facilitated a panel discussion that was all about the nervous system and its impact on us as business owners. I learned the nervous system fluctuates on a spectrum of survival and rest (and everything in between). The conditioning of my work ethic led me to ignore my body’s need to rest, heal, and recuperate – which created an unhealthy approach to running a successful business.  The panel discussion led by Samantha was a wake-up call to stop living in my hustle and realize that I am separate from my business.  

Meeting Samantha was the missing piece of the puzzle to sustainably grow RL Concetti. After this kismet connection at J’adore Loft, I signed up for one-on-one coaching with Samantha. Since working with her, she has helped me center my needs, my wellness, and has ignited a spark in me to empower my team and my clients to do the same.  I’m excited to introduce you to a woman who has, in so many ways, impacted my life. 

Thanks for the introduction, Rachel!Samantha Schmuck Revived Living

 I’m a Holistic Life Coach who helps high-achieving women get out of survival mode by learning how to understand, appreciate, and take action on the signals their unique body is sending them. 

I was a competitive gymnast growing up and external achievement and people-pleasing was second nature for me. I didn’t have to think about it, that's just who I was…until I started to get joint inflammation in every major joint in my body that took me out of the sport one year later and made me question everything about myself and my life. 

I didn’t know it back then, but the seven years that followed of unexplainable chronic pain, life-questioning depression, anxiety, and self-harm would eventually lead me to explore alternative healing and coaching methodologies that would allow me to help hundreds of other women who also felt lost and confused about the way they felt about themselves and their body.

When many of us start our own businesses we’re wearing almost every hat and often working long days and even into the weekend. It’s our responsibility to build the internal structure, network and market, obtain new business, all while fulfilling client’s projects. While I love me some good sweat-equity, if this continues for prolonged periods of time our physical reserves diminish and our health and personal life begin to decline. Our daily productivity begins to wane while the to-do list grows longer leaving us exhausted and in a vicious cycle of never being able to “catch up” so we can finally relax.

Our brain loves to tell us this glorious lie that when we __________ (finish the project, hire more team members, hit a specific revenue goal, etc.), THEN and only then will things be better and we’ll be able to slow down and focus on ourselves. This is the pervasive ‘all or nothing’ mentality and is exactly where Rachel was when I met her last Fall. 

Being the great student and high-achiever that she is, all she wanted me to do was tell her exactly what to do to feel better and she would follow it. However, each person is different and requires a customized solution to fit their needs.  My goal for all my clients is to develop a deeper relationship and understanding with the signals your body sends you so that YOU can be your best advocate and feel empowered to use various tools and techniques to bring it back into balance instead of outsourcing that intelligence to others. 

A thriving, successful, and sustainable business starts within.

I’m so proud of how Rachel has committed to herself and her revival journey over the last nine months. So much of what once felt unattainable is now her current reality. Rachel is such a beautiful example that illustrates when we feel our best, we’re inspired to show up and give back to those around us in a way only we uniquely can. When we feel more whole and internally balanced we can dream bigger, listen to understand not just respond, think critically and creatively, and clearly communicate expectations to clients. Therefore, when we feel amazing within we can provide an even greater service and experience to those we serve! 

And that’s exactly what Rachel did. She not only integrated the strategies I shared with her into her client work, she also invited her team to monthly wellness meetings with me. Rachel is one of the most altruistic and loving leaders I’ve met and I’m deeply inspired by her fierce dedication to her team.

When I met with the RL Concetti team virtually right after Michigan stay at home orders were put in place, it was the perfect opportunity to shift how we approach work and personal life. With so many changes out of our control, it’s important to look inward to assess and understand our needs so we can find creative ways to fulfill them with the resources at hand. It’s been so cool to work with them each month throughout this time to help them look inward and self reflect on their personal needs so they can fully show up at work – which is not easy when work and home become blended! We’ve covered topics such as block scheduling for time management, personal boundaries for success, stress relief and grounding techniques, managing emotions, and team working agreements.

 Head to my website for my top resources and check out The Alignment Grid, a free 30-minute training and reflective handout, or schedule a 90-minute 1-to-1 session by filling out your application here! If you’d love to start this work within your own team or organization email me at [email protected]. I can’t wait to connect and help you build your vision from the inside out!

Thanks to Samantha’s approach to holistic wellness, the team at RL Concetti is stepping into a new domain – holistic design, where we really are doing design differently. When we show up well-rested and in-tune with our body, mind and spirit, we create the most effective interior design strategy, implementation, and experience for our clients.

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