Virtual Design Consultations with RLC

Jun 4, 2020 | Commercial, Corporate, News, Residential

At RL Concetti, we are always looking for new ways to help our clients create the sanctuary-space that they deserve. As our team transitioned to working virtually and from home, it paved the way for innovative new ways to approach our holistic design services.

Interacting with our clients and members of the RL Concetti community, we’re learning that as people continued to spend time within the same four walls, the desire to complete some of your outstanding projects was growing. RL Concetti was able to pivot our approach to design services and work to meet some of your virtual styling needs, all without having to leave your house.!

The scale of these projects has varied; whether updating a tired or outdated shelving unit to larger-scale virtual design services, we’ve seen and done it all these past few months. For the smaller design services and with the help of virtual consultations, we are able to take inventory of the existing pieces that they have throughout their home and use these pieces in new ways to create vignettes in their spaces that feel fresh and new.

The more complex projects have included things like assessing the functionality of an existing floor plan and creating construction drawings for homeowners to send out to contractors for bids. We also have helped clients reevaluate the layout of their existing furniture to better suit the evolving needs of their families. Our most popular request has been from savvy clients who want to take advantage of some of the incredible furniture and home decor sales that have been available in the last couple of weeks. We put together packages of furniture and accessories that will work with the existing pieces that they own while elevating their space into a thoughtfully designed oasis.

So how does it work?!

Step 1:

Every Virtual Consultation starts off with a video chat. This involves the home-owner, Rachel (RL Concetti’s CEO and Principal Designer), and occasionally a second Senior Interior Designer. During the conversation, we will be taking very detailed notes so that we can design to your needs, personal style, and budget.

We recently worked with an existing client through a virtual consultation in order to create a design for her dining, living, and entryway in her new home. Her family had just moved into space and they wanted to purchase a few new furniture pieces and accessories to help space feel more like home.

After that initial video chat, it’s time for our clients to get to work! When we are not working virtually, the RLC team does a thorough field measure. We gather photos of the existing space and furniture and document it all. With a Virtual Consultation, we pass that responsibility to the homeowner. Don’t worry! We are there to answer any questions you may have and provide assistance every step of the way!

Step 2:

Now it’s our turn to get working! We’ll be developing two different concepts that best address the needs of each space in unique ways tailored to our specific client.

Concept #1: This client loved neutral spaces with accents of purple. It was important that the rug under the dining table was functional and could easily be cleaned. When we found this incredible option from Ruggable and we built the entire palette off from it.

We started with the dining space and built complementary packages for the living room and entryway. We needed to incorporate her existing sofa and side chair into the design – which wasn’t difficult considering she naturally has such a clean and classic style!

Concept #2: For this option, we wanted to explore a more sleek cool-toned palette. We explored a different dining space configuration that featured a rectangular table and an awesome upholstered bench from Pottery Barn. Incorporating throw pillows into a dining space is an unexpected way to add comfort and layered style.

Step 3:

Each concept comes with a full selection sheet, which is an overview of all the pieces outlined in the concept, including links to each piece as well as the intended dimensions and color. For this client that meant fifty specific pieces that were selected just for them! We select pieces from a wide variety of vendors depending on our client's style and budget. All that’s left to do is click and add to cart!

“This experience has been great! Having worked with RLC in the past on our bathroom renovation, I was pleasantly surprised by how they are able to offer a personalized virtual design experience.”
– Tracey T., Home Owner

What spaces are you eager to fix up!? Contact us today to get started on your Virtual Design Consultation!