The Concetti Process – Phase 2: Personalize X Translate

Oct 25, 2023 | Education

Picture this: You have a clear vision of what your space will look like because of all the strategy we just did together to co-create a holistic design solution. Our collaboration resulted in a finalized, 3D rendering. Now, it’s time to sort out all the details…this means we’ve officially made our way through Phase 1: Discover X Co-Create, and we’re ready to dive into Phase 2: Personalize X Translate! If you haven’t read Phase 1 yet, we highly recommend doing so now. It’ll help everything you read below make sense. 

The first part of Phase 2 in the Concetti Process is all about identifying the furniture, fabrics, light fixtures, and other architectural materials and finishings that will make your rendered vision become a reality. The second part involves the communication and documentation necessary to ensure your builders and other contracted partners have everything they need to bring it all together. This phase has a lot of moving parts, but don’t sweat it. We have your back every step of the way, just like we do in Phase 1!  

However, unlike Phase 1, which is highly tailored around your type of project (new builds/custom homes, renovations, commercial spaces, etc.), Phase 2 follows the same steps to personalize and translate your space.  

Read on to discover how we keep the design intent, your functional needs, and the vision for your space at the forefront throughout all of Phase 2.  




The Personalize phase is exactly as it sounds. It’s where we collectively develop your vision by finding, demonstrating, and solidifying exact pieces that will make your space you or your brand. We put our time and attention into gathering multi-dimensional, multi-functional pieces such as furniture, fabrics, colors, and materials that are not only beautiful, but also hold meaning in a way that uniquely reflects you. Think of it like a grocery list, outlining all the pieces and details needed to bring the rendered vision to life.



We utilize the concepts we co-create in Phase 1 as an outline of all the items we need to provide a comprehensive framework to guide the execution of our design solution. These concepts serve as a blueprint while providing pricing, style, dimensions, quality, texture, and other helpful details.

Design development also considers the four parts of a project budget and shows where funds will be allocated:

Procurement + Labor + Architectural Selections + Professional Fees = $ Cost of Phase 2

Personalization is also an educational step. It fosters style confidence, whether it's for your personal taste or your brand's image. Our approach is also entirely customizable, allowing you to be as hands-on or off as you want. We can bring the showroom to you, or we can explore options together for a tailored experience.

Within Personalization, we offer two types of selections – Architectural and Procurement. Architectural Selections encompass the materials used to bring your vision to life, spanning from flooring and tile to countertops and more. These selections are sourced for your approval and integrated into the construction quote. On the other hand, Procurement covers the entire process of acquiring goods and services, such as furniture, lighting, wallpaper, window treatment accessories, and paint – all of which are sourced through our services. As we align with the approved concept, we collaboratively establish a budget.

“Building during the heart of Covid made things a little challenging. We mostly met at showrooms, but there were times when Taylor brought things to us. I particularly remember the tile store. I would have been so overwhelmed in there. She quickly helped me focus and made the store feel much more manageable, even with a newborn in tow.” – Katie McVety, Sweet as Can Be in Beverly 

The Personalization process can be intimidating, but rest assured, it's what we do every day! We're here to be your dedicated advocates and help you navigate the avalanche of decisions in the Personalize process. Our goal is to streamline your journey and make it manageable, stress-free, and enjoyable.


Here's how we ensure a smooth and delightful experience:

  • Our vendor relationships
    Our extensive vendor relationships provide you with exclusive access to a diverse catalog of vendors, many of which aren't available to the public. Unlike retail options, we offer a range of semi-custom to fully custom solutions, including COM (customer's own material) for unique upholstery choices, ensuring you find the perfect, distinctive pieces.
  • More bang for your buck
    Your investment goes a long way when working with an interior design strategist. We have the advantage of buying directly from manufacturers who have a proven track record of delivering high-quality products. This means your budget is optimized and will receive excellent value for your investment.
  • Expertise
    Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of fabrics and the construction of furniture pieces. We can guarantee the items you choose look great and withstand the test of time. You can trust in our understanding of materials and craftsmanship to ensure everything wears appropriately and maintains quality.
  • Peace of mind
    We provide peace of mind through product samples, which you can preview before making decisions, and CFAs (cuttings for approval) to verify the correct materials for custom pieces.
  • Sit back and relax
    Ultimately, our goal is for you to sit back and relax! We handle every detail, saving you time and sparing you from unnecessary headaches.



Once we’ve worked together to identify your selections, you’ll receive documentation that lists it all out. You’ll also receive insight into the procurement process. 



If Personalize represents the creative, right-brain aspect of this process, Translate embodies the strategic and organized left-brain. Translate is the plan that ensures proper execution via construction documentation.   

The Translate phase is lovingly hands-off for you, and all about translating the vision into technical documentation for a team for build on. We will create an in-depth instruction manual that will be shared with everyone involved in your build. It will include technical drawings, detailed elevation mapping, and construction specifications that will ensure the partners we choose together will have everything they need to replicate your vision.



However, that’s not to say a full-blown team may even be required for your project! Out of respect for your budget, skill level, availability, and other factors, we support you in building your custom team to achieve your design solution. 

Your team will look different depending on your type of team lead, such as: 

  • General contractor (GC) 
    • Licensed and Insured General Contractor manages the project. They source and coordinate all trades, review all professional drawings and specifications (provided by Concetti) and collaborate on solutions.
    • If working with a GC, there are a couple things you’ll need to consider:
      • Are we sourcing the GC or are you?
      • Do you prefer communicating directly with the GC, then filling us in? Or, do you prefer us to serve as the first line of communication with your GC?
  • Homeowner or business owner as general contractor 
    • As a home or business owner, you may choose to serve as GC. This means you will be responsible for the coordination and communication of all trades professionals. We’ll share documentation with the home or business owner responsible for dispersing documentation and verifying all specifications.
  • DIY 
    • Doing it yourself is another option. By doing the labor yourself, you’ll eliminate the need for a GC and relevant trades pros. This requires reviewing the specs and having the expertise to be able to approve them. 


Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

Whichever route you take, we’re dedicated to making sure all parties have a clear game plan for execution, including plumbing, electrical, millwork, and more. 

While 3D renderings are visually captivating, they don't always provide the clear, detailed instructions that builders require for successful execution. All Concetti designers are formally trained to illustrate floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, switching plans, plumbing plans, elevations…you name it! We're equipped to take those refined, client-approved 3D renderings and transform them into precise black and white technical illustrations for the builder. These illustrations give them exactly what they need to reference throughout their process. This step is also the last piece of the pie we need to determine the total project cost.

Think of construction drawings as the instruction manual for putting together the puzzle we’ve been building. By speaking the builder’s language, we quickly establish open communication and can sort through design discrepancies and advocate for the timeline. A builder’s job is to get the project built, and our job is to document the client’s vision into construction documents. Our ability to bridge this gap forges a strong relationship with build teams and helps them go a step further to honor the owners’ needs and vision.  

Collaborating with an interior design strategist brings an array of benefits that extend beyond traditional design services. This partnership also offers a balanced mix of left and right brain thinking. We excel at maintaining attention to detail, diligently recording meeting notes, and sending essential follow-ups, effectively orchestrating all the moving components of your project. We’re dedicated to honoring your season of life or brand identity, ensuring your project meets your specific needs.

Head back to Phase 1: Discover X Co-Create to learn how interior design strategy can help you solidify your brand’s identity!


Gearing Up for Phase 3

Phase 2 serves as the bridge between the vision created in Phase 1 and the well-defined execution in Phase 3, establishing the groundwork for effective communication.

Throughout Phase 2, we prepare the foundation for the advocacy we'll offer in Phase 3. We will lead by example, keeping all lines of communication open and honest. We do this a few different ways: 

  • Include all relevant parties in email correspondence by CCing them.
  • Ensure everyone has a seat at the table during on-site meetings and solution-driven collaboration sessions.
  • Respect boundaries when using text-based communication.

Phase 3 signifies the final stretch of our journey, bringing us closer to the finish line! Get ready for Phase 3: Advocate X Celebrate.



Want to learn more about Phase 2: Personalize X Translate? 

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