Gold and Bold





West Bloomfield, MI

Every powerhouse executive woman deserves a space where she can thrive. Her space must support her professional ambitions while supporting her true authenticity…and this West Bloomfield home office does just that.

Our goal was to create a space with inspiration pulling from moody sophistication, while also having reminders of family members who are dear to her. With this focus, we were able to create a space that embodies everything our executive woman wanted.

Our solution for this project was a custom built-in bookshelf that features closed lower storage as well as a glass cladded waterfall desk that protrudes from the center of the millwork. The sleek black silhouettes that frame the shelving are an excellent pairing to the warmth of the walnut finish on the interior. The walnut tone complements the rustic orange hues throughout the space.

We were able to create a workspace that allows her to work while having minimal distractions on her desk with everything that allows for personal and professional growth close by. With her family at an arm's reach and novels and textbooks that nurture personal, professional, and societal growth, this home office is where hustle meets heart.