W Grand BLVD


W Grand BLVD


Commercial, Office Space



Phase 1 Only


New Center Detroit, MI

West Grand Blvd is a multi-use office space located in the hub of New Center Detroit, and is the go-to spot for many locals, companies and creatives alike. The focus of this project was to transform an abandoned floor of the building into a space that was move-in ready for a young start-up or technology company. We wanted to provide an essence that felt true to Detroit, while also allowing enough customization for the next new tenant who would occupy the space to put their own unique stamp on it.

As a nod to the rich history of Detroit, we lined the walls with paintings that depict decades of history, all created by local artists. We also opened up the space in order to showcase all of the amenities that future occupants could look forward to, such as working nooks and a vibrant kitchen space. We loved transforming this iconic space to combine so many beautiful elements between past and future, and hopefully inspire the next tenants of the floor as well.

Everyone compliments the space now. It feels happier to work in such a nice space. It makes me proud to work here. It's such a great space to wait and relax.”

– Rose Franklin, Security Guard 20 + years