Hype on Stripes


Kelly + Ian


Residential, Renovation


Rivertown, Detroit


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This young Detroit couple just had their first baby, and their careers were beginning to take off. While their lives grew more colorful by the day, it became increasingly apparent the awkward layout and color scheme (or lack thereof) of their Harbortown condo no longer matched their needs and energy.

Our Goal:

Our clients are two vibrant yet laid back people who fully trusted us to turn their ultra-grey, divided space into an open, modern, and edgy haven…but their only request? They wanted to see black and white stripes, pops of color, cats, and a little bit of Star Wars in every single room. Challenge = accepted.

Read on to explore how we structurally and stylistically co-created one of our boldest projects to date: Hype on Stripes.

Our Solution:

In addition to the space’s lack of color, the wall placement created isolated areas that were either cramped or awkwardly open and unused. To address both aesthetic and functional concerns, we gutted the wall between the kitchen and living room so that the only thing standing between the two was a centrally located island. This reconfiguration ultimately tripled the size of the room! To further optimize space, we converted a long closet into two spaces, one of which being a hidden walk-in pantry off the kitchen. 

We filled the new L-shaped kitchen with new appliances and materials as chic and unique as they are (peep the brass stove hood and black marble island and backsplash). Although it’s a function-forward space, the kitchen is still packed with fun and personality…who else can say Darth Vader and Grogu help them with the dishes?!  

Pro tip: Backsplash mirrors are a sneaky way to create the illusion of more space and bring in more light. 

Although it looks directly into the kitchen, the living room is uniquely its own. The gallery wall integrates the clients’ love of art and entertainment, elevating their experience when tuning into Lions games or their favorite shows. They wanted as much light as possible in this space, but the concrete walls and ceiling prevented us from installing new windows and skyboxes. Instead, we opted for low-profile chairs to keep the window view open and sourced a unique installation with exposed wiring that didn’t require going into the ceiling.

The other end of the condo leads into the den. Formerly a third bedroom, we helped our clients transform it into a multi-purpose room: a guest room as needed, and an everyday music room that’s a continuation of the living space when the double doors are opened. This room also used to have a second entrance, which we dedicated to a new storage room for clothing and other miscellaneous items.  

The first stop in the funky fresh hallway is the cat room, the second room in the once long closet mentioned above. Complete with custom-built play shelves, litter box areas, and a special kitty entrance, this strategic space allows for optimal human/feline cohabitation.  

There’s no denying the guest bathroom is Hype on Stripes, but the terrazzo lighting, striped tile, and midcentury vanity make it its own unique oasis.  

Although there is no shortage of black and white stripes in the artwork, furniture, and rugs, the primary bedroom undeniably has signature characteristics of its own. The artsy lamps, unconventional furniture, ombre wallpaper, and pops of chartreuse create a perfect balance of fun and playful yet modern and sophisticated.  

The primary bathroom is a masterclass in geometry, masonry, and good old-fashioned fun. The shower arch, curved vanity mirror, and highly functional sconces SCREAM cool craftsmanship, while the cherry toilet brush and beloved cat art remind us how delightful a little pop of personality can be.  

Speaking of spaces all their own – the nursery is out of this world! The Force is strong in this room with the help of a Grogu plushy, moon lamp, planetary mobile, vintage Star Wars movie posters, and custom outer space wallpaper.  

We had a blast designing one of our boldest, brightest home renovations yet. However, it was even more fulfilling knowing we helped this family adjust their condo in a way that better served them. From structural wall modifications and lighting upgrades to new appliances and a balance of old and new art and accessories, Hype on Stripes is the perfect reminder to never be afraid to be boldly you or shy away from embracing your quirkiness.  

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Architectural Digest Featured Designer 2024

AWARD: home – apartment/loft/condo – 3rd place

AWARD: interiors – childrens room/play space  – 2nd place

“I saved Concetti as soon as I found them. They were the only ones funky enough for me and I knew they wouldn’t be cookie cutter”

– Kelly