RL Concetti Office


RL Concetti


Commercial, Office Space


Photographs BY Kendra Koman Unless Otherwise Noted


Islandview, Detroit, MI

Even interior design offices need their own strategic design renovations at times! Utilizing our six step design process, we transformed the 1500 sq. feet space (previously housing six different offices) into two unique spaces focused around facilitating collaboration and the disregard of hierarchy. 

Throughout the design, special attention was payed to creating an open environment that encourages communication and collaboration. As we are aware the option for flexibility is important as well, we also made sure to create a separate quiet space to house a private meeting or for one to collect their thoughts.

This project is a true reflection of collaboration from the entire Concetti team, as everyone chipped in to develop the design. The goal was to build a space that not only was a reflection of our client, RL Concetti, but was an example of a project done with inclusive design at the forefront. Our office space was the perfect opportunity to show the exceptional results of facilitating collaboration among all other parties involved.

“A successful office space should be an extension of your brand AND support your team’s needs!”

– Rachel Nelson, CEO, Principal Designer