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Detroit Design Awards –
Commercial Design: Use of Color


Jefferson Chalmers, Detroit, MI

According to their website“Coriander Kitchen & Farm is the only restaurant in Detroit that is the farm AND the table.
We pride ourselves on creating delicious, approachable meals using our own farm-grown seasonal produce and herbs and supporting local Detroit and Michigan farmers. We make food for people who are enthusiastic about eating casual, thoughtful local food. We strive to reconnect people with the origin story of foods they eat.
Good Food. For Everybody. Everyday.”


The goal of this project was to create an atmosphere that was approachable and familiar enough for people to try unique farm to table cuisine.


Our design solution is a space as eclectic as the food that is served within it. By capturing the industrial nature of boats brought in by the river, farmhouse feels, inviting greenery and quirky details inspired by grandma’s house, this space is truly unique to Detroit.


With a beautiful blend of industrial, cozy, and fresh working as our inspiration, we collaborated with Coriander Kitchen & Farm to create a canal-side space as eclectic as the food they serve.

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Use of Color

“I want all the colors, and all the strange knick-knacks. They did not dissuade me from my weird sense of style. Instead they found a way to translate it into something that was enjoyable for everyone and not just us! I would have been frustrated with m as a customer but Concetti was all smiles, laughter, and expert help!”

– Allison, Owner