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Supportive Counseling Services




Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

Photographs BY Brett Mountain Unless Otherwise Noted

Supportive Counseling Services serves children and teens through counseling, education, and support in Grosse Pointe Woods.

Unlike traditional offices that often feel sterile and impersonal, Supportive Counseling Services’ goal is to provide a professional, yet family-oriented environment where clients and their families feel open and accepted. 

Supportive Counseling Services leases office space for local therapists and wanted to design cohesive and calming shared spaces and leave the offices neutral so that the service providers could personalize their space to reflect their personalities.

Since the space will serve many young clients, we worked together to select furnishings that are both comfortable, as well as durable. Live plants paired with neutral tones, abstract art, beautiful wood storage consoles, and lots of natural light create healing, nurturing environment.

“Creating a space that is unique, functional, and purposeful—all in one—that’s why I chose to work with a professional. That’s the benefit to hiring a firm team like Concetti.”

– Amanda, Owner