Unapologetically Us


Tia + Justin Peoples


Residential, Renovation


Macomb, MI


In Progress

This project encompasses so much of what we love about building unique spaces that showcase the personality and uniqueness of our community. Our clients came to us after finishing a build of their new, custom home. Although the finishes they had selected previously were gorgeous, they felt as though they wanted to push further into their daring style. They just didn’t know how.

They both had an outstanding love of bold designs and vivid colors, but were stuck with how to translate that same personality into their new home. They didn’t feel the home yet expressed their authentic selves, and looked to us to help empower those decisions. Boy were we glad they did!

We utilized digital renderings to model out what their new designs would look like, and through plenty of brainstorming and collaboration, we were able to take all of the steps necessary to transform their home from “not so sure” to “Unapologetically THEM”.

“Utilizing digital renderings during Co Create allowed this client to feel comfortable making bold decisions that would take their already beautiful home to the next level.”

– Taylor Morgan, Lead Designer