Small Space, Big Impact: 5 Tips for Designing a Multi-Functional Nursery

Jan 18, 2024 | Residential


Finding out you have a baby on the way can be one of life’s most special moments. However, you’re likely in one of two camps: planned, prepared, and ready OR totally surprised. For Concetti Lead Designer + Brand Ambassador Taylor Grup and her husband, Cody, it was the latter! Starting a family was in their plans but they had no idea it would happen while they were still living in the same home Taylor purchased in college. With no plans to move, they needed to quickly figure out how to maximize the tight space and make way for Blair’s multi-functional nursery



Taylor and Cody didn’t let their small square footage steal an ounce of their joy, and you shouldn’t either! They identified ingenious solutions within their cozy home, without having to sacrifice function or style. Below you’ll discover 5 ways to design a multi-functional nursery in your small space!


#1 Get Creative with Storage Solutions 

Storage can be the biggest kicker in small space living. If you’re like Taylor and faced storage challenges long before baby – don't panic! A few simple, supplemental storage solutions will provide additional room for your baby’s items and save you from a dreaded wardrobe purge.   

Taylor and Cody’s spare room was used as her closet and at-home workspace before transforming into Blair’s nursery. Taylor previously installed built-in cabinetry to provide storage space for her large wardrobe beyond the original closet. This addition was customized to her exact needs, featuring pull-out drawers and specialized areas for long and short-hanging items. While she didn’t know it at the time, this smart move would eventually free up enough room for a crib. 



With all her items now in the additional built-in, the original closet nook provided enough room for various nursery needs. Removing the closet doors paved the way for a crib nook, complete with overhead shelving and linen and towel shelving on the side. The best part? This new space offered the perfect canvas for an adorable safari-inspired mural.  


#2 Capitalize on the Seen and Unseen 

Unlike the previous tip that speaks more to functional storage, this tip can enhance the nursery’s aesthetic (while serving a function).  

For instance, the full-length mirror mounted behind the door doubles as jewelry storage and remains out of sight. Another example is the vintage-inspired accordion wall hook fixture. It provides an easily accessible spot for everyday items or décor while speaking to the design aesthetic.   



#3 Invest in Double Duty Furniture 

Furniture is typically the largest space-sucker in any room…which is why it’s so important to invest in pieces that serve more than one purpose. Here are some of the primary multi-functional pieces in Blair’s nursery:   

  • Chair + ottoman combo. Whether your chair and ottoman are complementary or come as a set, you’ll want to make sure the ottoman has storage capabilities.  
  • Dresser with a large surface area. Believe it or not, changing tables are not a requirement in a nursery. Instead, you can go for a long, low dresser with plenty of surface area. That way, you have plenty of space for changing and more.  
  • Layered window treatments. Not only do window treatment layers enrich the room’s visual aesthetic with various colors and textures, but they also provide customizations that create environments tailored to your little one’s sleeping needs.  



#4 Choose Longevity Pieces  

Taylor and Cody couldn’t stand the idea of having to invest in furniture that would one day be sold or donated. While you may not be able to hang onto everything, many pieces can serve your child for years or decades. These selections will be in the Grup household for generations: 

  • Textured NOIR dresser 
  • Convertible Wave Crib that will eventually transform into a full crib and a toddler bed 
  • Seletti monkey lamp 



#5 Embrace Theme Over Concept  

While conceptual design is the cornerstone of most Concetti projects, nurseries are perfect spaces to lean into a theme…and not just because they’re cute AF! Nursery themes can inspire your baby and encourage their imagination to thrive.⁠ Taylor and Cody’s trip to Tanzania inspired Blair’s safari-themed nursery from top to bottom. 

One of the easiest things about designing a nursery is finding staple pieces that align with your theme. Here are a few of the Grups’ favorites: 

  • Justina Blakely tiger rug from Loloi 
  • Seletti monkey lamp 
  • Wallpaper mural 
  • Pottery Barn elephant rocker 

Themes can also ramp up the nursery’s color schemes and keep the space feeling contemporary. For example, Tanzanian sunsets inspired Blair’s warm pink and orange nursery tones.  

Lastly, a theme gives you extra room to get sentimental. All the baby animal photos on the wall were taken by Taylor and Cody in Tanzania – the perfect detail to tie together the theme and reflect on their once-in-a-lifetime trip.  





Need help maximizing nursery space before your little one arrives?