How to Infuse Dopamine into Your Space

May 20, 2024 | Wellness

The concept of dopamine décor – the use of colors, patterns, textures, furniture, and accessories that bring you joy in your space – is on the rise…and we are LOVING it! Because we create space that becomes you, authenticity is at the center of everything we do at Concetti. We couldn’t imagine limiting you to a certain aesthetic – it’s all about what sets your unique soul on fire!

Our latest project – Suburban Sanctuary – is essentially dopamine décor on steroids. It’s a result of our client wanting to transform their home into a serene, open-concept oasis, flooded with natural light and seamlessly connected to the outdoors.

While this home isn’t everyone’s version of dopamine décor, the project’s principles can help you get in touch with your own version of it! Read on to learn how to infuse dopamine into your space and nurture your mental health in the process.



Stay Authentic

Authenticity needs to be the very foundation of your space…it’s an extension of who you are, after all. Being in touch with your wants, needs, preferences, goals, and even paths of travel will help guide how your space looks, feels, and functions. It’s fulfilling to speak your values and passions in your everyday life, and you deserve a space that does the very same.

In Suburban Sanctuary, this meant a simpler, modern, open-concept floor plan with high-contrast colorways. The 100-year-old home’s aesthetic and floor plan were on the traditional side and didn’t quite fit our client’s style. They partnered with us not just to upgrade the home’s look, feel, and functionality, but to invest in their own authenticity. From the sleek console table and the black and white geometric wallpaper to the chic front door – this home oozes our client’s vibe from the inside out.



Dedicate Areas for Self-Care

Out of all the tips, this one is the biggest no-brainer…but it bears repeating! Prioritizing self-care throughout your entire space is important, but having a single dedicated space for self-care is vital. A specific space dedicated to self-care can help you turn down noise from the outside world and truly prioritize recharging.

Maybe it’s an ultra-cozy bedroom, a makeup vanity, or a reading nook. In Suburban Sanctuary, it’s the spa-like primary bathroom, complete with a sauna for unwinding and a Japanese soaking tub beneath the existing skylight.

In a world that so often forces you to be practical, you deserve (at least) one indulgent area in your space. Treat yourself!



Minimize Clutter

It doesn’t matter if you’re minimalist or maximalist – clutter is clutter, and it can weigh on you. At least with maximalism, there is intention behind the pieces in the space. But you know your limits, and too much clutter can affect how you think and feel. Smart storage is key!

In Suburban Sanctuary, there was a lot of underutilized storage because it just didn’t jive with how our client used their space. We helped elevate storage in a few ways, including a mudroom with built-in storage. We also laid it on thick in the kitchen, where functionality meets aesthetics with a hidden fridge, open shelving, and a hidden pantry under the stairs that used to be an underutilized foyer coat closet.

Additionally, reducing clutter in Suburban Sanctuary also meant reimagining the floor plan and opening up walls. Introducing an open concept was one of the biggest ways we helped our client feel less cluttered and claustrophobic.



Connect to Mother Nature

Even if you don’t consider yourself the outdoorsy type, a connection to nature within your space can have a profound impact on your mental health. Suburban Sanctuary takes an immersive approach to incorporating nature into the home. From this deep green accent wall to a literal plant wall, this space was designed to elicit feelings of the great outdoors. It’s further complemented by natural textures in areas like the natural wood mantel and woven rugs, as well as pops of earth tones in the accessories. Custom millwork and slatwall also helps boost the feeling of bringing the outside in.

However, if this isn’t your thing, you can make it as simple as physically being able to see outside. See how we reoriented this sofa in Suburban Sanctuary to face the fireplace and mounted the TV above it so they can enjoy their favorite show in front of the fireplace AND an outdoor view.



Make Space for Movement

Movement is key to mental well-being. Period. Making space in your space for exercise is convenient and practical for when you don’t want to venture out (especially for those of us who live in areas with seasonally inclement weather).

Suburban Sanctuary had the opportunity to incorporate a meditation and yoga room. However, there’s no rule in dopamine décor that says you MUST follow this same route. Even just a few square feet for a walking pad can make all the difference!



Let the Light In

Lastly – lighting is key. For Suburban Sanctuary, they had the opportunity to knock down walls. Natural sunlight was a huge priority for our client, and they weren’t afraid to get creative to bring in as much as possible (hence the plant wall).

However, not everyone has the interest or resources to remove walls or add in windows. An efficient and more affordable way to elevate your lighting game is by incorporating ambient lighting (great news if you have a moody aesthetic). Overhead lighting can tend to feel harsh and sterile, and ambient lighting can set a calmer vibe and help you wind down more easily after a long day.





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