Detroit Month of Design: How Concetti Unites by Design

Sep 5, 2023 | community, Detroit

Although it doesn’t technically start until the Autumn Equinox, it became fall in our hearts the minute we flipped over to the September calendar. Beyond the season’s sweet sensations like crisp air, cozy blankets, and changing leaves, this time of year reminds us that we’re about to enter a season of celebration and togetherness. From the holidays, observances, and everything in between – there’s no denying that fall is the season of unity.  

The first of which is already upon us! September 1 marked the beginning of Detroit Month of Design, a citywide celebration of creativity that gathers designers and the greater community to celebrate our city’s role as a national and global design capital. Design Core Detroit dubbed the 2022 and 2023 themes “United by Design” to highlight how design unites communities.  

The theme inspires us to reflect on the role unity plays in our work as interior design strategists. Last year, we talked about how we unify function with aesthetics. This year, we’re focusing on how the very nature of our work is rooted in co-creation. Our approach cultivates connection and unity between us and our clients and extends outward into the community.  

Discover how we unite with our clients and how that unity extends to Detroit entrepreneurs, trades professionals, and creatives! 


Uniting with our Clients 

Unity is the core of our 3-Phase Process, whether we’re collaborating on a single-room renovation, a multi-family housing unit, a commercial space, or a new-build home. 

From the get-go, we make a point to align with clients beyond their wants and needs, goals, pain points, and style – we also really get to know them, or their brand, and understand what makes them tick. This foundation of unity helps unlock a shared vision with our clients and guides our partnerships from beginning to end. 

In the case of the McVety family, they brought us into their new construction home project after receiving initial floor plans that didn’t fully account for their lifestyle, habits, and ideal paths of travel. They sought a partner who would infuse their personality into their home and account for their family’s unique needs. From extracting the vision in Phase 1 and supporting their stress-free materiality selection in Phase 2, to advocating for their vision in Phase 3 and everything in between, we were united with the McVety’s every step of the way. Discover How Concetti Helped the McVety’s Build Their New Custom Home with Confidence

“I am not exaggerating when I say Concetti saved our house. Not only is it beautiful because of them, but the building process was so much smoother. My only regret is not involving them sooner. I felt so cared for throughout the entire process. Rachel and Taylor felt not only like our design team, but like friends who always had our best interest at heart. They watched our Hayden grow from newborn to toddler on many zoom calls and showroom visits. They were so patient as we balanced being new parents during a pandemic while building a house. I am so thankful they were a part of it.” – Katie McVety 



Uniting Detroit Entrepreneurs  

Detroit’s innovative and eclectic entrepreneur community is unlike any other. One of the best ways to help an entrepreneur thrive is to unite them with their peers and provide them with space to network, cross-collaborate, and grow. Build Institute provided that space when they launched in 2012, offering entrepreneurship courses, access to low-interest capital, community-building events, and more.

However, as the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs evolved, they realized coworking spaces, presentation equipment, corporate events, and a dedicated staff headquarters could unlock new opportunities if offered within their space. So, we collaborated with Build Institute to elevate their brand and transform their Corktown location into a co-working space representative of Detroit’s bright, energetic, and creative entrepreneurial community. 

As a graduate of Build’s entrepreneur courses, the partnership also gave Concetti CEO + Principal Designer Rachel Nelson an opportunity to give back to an organization that helped shape her, and in turn, nurture future generations of Detroit entrepreneurs.  

“Working with Concetti, a Build Institute grad, has been a great experience. During each phase of our project, Concetti was able to understand our diverse needs and ideas, thus creating designs and a project plan that is cost-effective and functional for our headquarters.” – Build Institute 

Uniting Detroit Tradespeople   

When a client comes to us wanting a space oozing Detroit essence, we make a priority to involve as many Detroit laborers, creatives, and makers as possible. After all, they’re the professionals who can best capture the city’s essence and provide access to authentic Detroit materials.  

For Gettin’ City with It, we explored our rolodex of incredible Detroit trades professionals and brought together those who would help us achieve the industrial, masculine, and modern feel our client was going for.  

From doors by Woodward Throwbacks and countertops and sinks from Line Studio Detroit, to the three-story Detroit map and Diego Riviera murals from Detroit Wallpaper Co, we involved as many Detroit-based artisans as possible to reflect the city’s spirit. Not only did their collective effort help us achieve our client’s vision, but they helped us marry it with his Eco Homes Project unit’s focus on sustainability, modern city living, and entertaining.




Uniting Detroit Creatives  

We’ve talked about a project that unites Detroit tradespeople, but there’s also a Concetti project that unites both Detroit trades pros AND Detroit creatives…The Color Bloc!  

For decades, Banner Sign Co. provided handcrafted illustrations to generations of local businesses. In the 1990’s, the company brought large format printing to the mix of offerings, extending its creative capabilities to include custom printing on acoustic panels, fabrics, wall coverings, tiles, and more. Fast-forward to 2021, the new owners of the Banner Sign Co., Digital Print Specialties (DPS), brought in Detroit’s first Benjamin Moore to offer a multi-service hub for artists, business owners, home improvement enthusiasts, and many more. 

DPS recruited our team to help create a sense of individuality within each area while still maintaining a level of cohesion throughout the entire space. With the Banner Sign Co.’s rich business history in mind, we called on local partners Made by AMI, Line Studio Detroit, Julian Del Campo to bring the multi-faceted design to fruition.  

The result? An award-winning space by Detroit creatives for Detroit creatives that embodies our city’s past, present, and future.     

“They pulled a lot of information out. They asked me what was important to the space, what my clients meant to me, what our values were. They took this summary and applied it to a real physical setting. It was really impressive.” – Nicole Piach, Co-Owner and Vice President of Banner Sign Co.  



This Detroit Month of Design, we’re taking the time to truly embrace the power of unity in interior design strategy. Putting unity at the forefront of our process allows us to deeply connect with our clients and community, while connecting them with one another. Unity empowers us to take our approach further than connecting you to your space – it enables us to create space that becomes you.  


Ready to unite for great design?