The Concetti Process – Phase 3: Advocate X Celebrate

Nov 16, 2023 | Education

Before diving into the third and final phase of our 3-Phase Process, let’s do a quick recap on how we got here. In Phase 1, we teamed up to identify your personal or brand style, establish your unique needs and goals, and round it off with a 3D rendering of your future space. In Phase 2, we got down to the nitty-gritty, pinpointing your space’s materials and finishings and crafting the communication and documentation necessary for your builders and partners to bring it to life. Now, the time has come for your vision to become reality in Phase 3: Advocate X Celebrate!

Are you embarking on your first major project or collaborating with us for the first time? Handing over your plans and giving your team the green light to start building may come with some apprehension and uncertainty. You may be wondering how they’ll consider your vision and unique needs the same way we do…which is exactly why we wove Phase 3 into our Process. The effective communication practices we established with your team back in Phase 2 are just a taste of how interwoven we are in your project’s build. Our approach is different because our work isn’t done once your plans are in the hands of your team. We’re there every step of the way to ensure everyone is aligned on how your space will become you and honor your brand or season of life. This is our way of transforming uncertainty into transparency and excitement.

We’re so close to the finish line, so get ready for the final stretch of our journey: Phase 3: Advocate X Celebrate!


Advocate – Acting as Your Champion

After the contracts are signed and your team receives the technical drawings, detailed elevation mapping, and construction specifications, construction is ready to kick off and we stick around for all of it. We serve as your construction advocate, ensuring the design we co-created together remains at the forefront of everyone’s minds to see the project through to completion.



We’re your eyes and ears to make sure the construction aligns with your floor plan and to oversee furniture procurement…and it doesn’t stop there. Not only do we advocate for your vision, but we also serve as a translator between you and your team, bringing clarity to them and peace of mind to you. This way, your builders have instructions that not only get the job done but complement your new or existing furniture and the way you or your customers will experience the space.



You can choose to be as hands-on or hands-off as you want during Advocacy. Take Wooded Whimsy, for instance – despite their desire to be hands-on, parenting and work limited their availability. By serving as their advocate, we gave them back valuable time.

On the other hand, clients who are retired or are empty nesters often enjoy being hands-on in the construction process. However, even with the time and desire to be more involved these types of clients typically still leverage our advocacy and technical expertise. This way, they have our support to successfully bridge communication gaps between themselves and the builders and can ensure an efficient partnership to bring their envisioned space to life.

“Our personality really shines through. It was all Concetti’s doing to bring the vision to life. It’s beautiful and we love it!” – Jennifer & John Artz, Wooded Whimsy



Celebrate – Finishing Touches to Perfect Your Space 

Entering the Celebrate phase, our team of interior design strategists roll up their sleeves to turn your new walls into a stunning, move-in-ready space. From furnishing your space to adding intricate details such as artwork and unique touches throughout, we ensure every element aligns with your original vision. What was once a 3D rendering will soon be your new reality.

Celebrate is also when we inspect every delivered item to make sure nothing is delivered broken or installed incorrectly. We clear out all trash and debris so that your space is immaculate before you see it for the first time.

Once all big furniture items are delivered (with white glove service) and previously planned out cherished items, like photos, books, and antiques are placed, we’ll walk through the space with you, answer any remaining questions you may have, and plan for the finishing touches with accessories. We did it!  This is where your personality or brand can shine. It's the transformative moment when a house evolves into a home, or your commercial space becomes your own. This is the essence of our strategic 3-Phase approach – to craft a space that becomes boldly YOU.

“We honor a homeowner’s personal style. It’s what we do best. Our goal is to give people courage… your space is an opportunity for self- expression. Let trends and other people’s opinions fall away. At the end of the day, your house should be an expression of you.” – Concetti CEO + Principal Designer Rachel Nelson

Wooded Whimsy is a prime example of a project in which we learned our clients’ style and carried it all the way through Celebrate. We spent an entire day staging their home, styling bookcases with family heirlooms and other beloved belongings, then evaluating where to add new accessories. Case in point: these adorable, meticulously-placed mice lamps. 



We always aim to gift a finishing touch in Celebrate that perfectly captures YOU and shows you how much we appreciate your partnership. For example, we surprised the McVety’s with a custom-made bench made from their favorite beam. With Hype on Stripes, we made sure the whole family was included with a Star Wars-inspired pillow and artwork, and a color-coordinated dish towel with a nod to their furry friends. We’ll jump at the opportunity to add a sentimental cherry on top of your customized dream space, too!

Speaking of cherries on top, Celebrate is also when we LOVE to gift clients with an individual or family photoshoot in their new space. That way, you’ll have memorable photos of yourself enjoying a space that was uniquely designed just for you!



Discover how our Process can help your space become bravely, boldly you.

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