What Is Gratitude Attitude?

Apr 13, 2023 | Detroit, Gratitude Attitude

Throughout everything we do – every client we meet, every project we design, and every stride we take – there is a constant, resounding mindset behind it all: Gratitude Attitude.  

Gratitude Attitude is a philosophy that drives the way we do business and engage with our clients, design network, and the broader Detroit community. It means showing appreciation for the opportunities afforded to us by our clients that allow us to enhance the community around us. ​ 

When it comes to our clients, Gratitude Attitude is about communicating our appreciation and showing that appreciation by putting them at the forefront throughout our entire process – from discovery to turning the keys back over, and even further down the journey when they are looking for another new space! 

When we say, “we create space that becomes you,” we say it with an all-encompassing appreciation for our clients – an appreciation for their business, their authenticity, and all their unique traits that help us co-create spaces that are extensions of who they are.  



On the community front, this traces back to Concetti CEO + Principal Designer Rachel Nelson’s deep Detroit roots. As a third-generation Detroit business owner, Rachel has instilled a passion within our team for giving back to the city and the design community.  

In fact, her reverence for Detroit is ultimately what manifested Gratitude Attitude.  

Keep reading to discover how it all began and how it evolved into some of our favorite projects to date.  


Gratitude Attitude: Origins 

We were overflowing with gratitude when we first opened our doors in 2017. Concetti wouldn’t be possible without the support of family, friends, and business partners. Naturally, we wanted to throw a party to thank them for sticking with us and supporting us on our journey.  

Then we wondered if there was a way to pay our gratitude forward, and our grand opening turned into an opportunity to work with our network to raise money for Sanctum House, a Metro Detroit-based safe home for women survivors of human trafficking to heal and rebuild their lives. We used the resources from the party in combination with the donation of our time and services to create spaces that felt more like home for the women relying on Sanctum House. 

A year later, we raised money to once again deliver space personalization…but for our furry friends at the Wyandotte Animal Adoption Center. Located in a former auto mechanic garage, we raised money to support sound solutions for the echoey space to help comfort the dogs.  

As we continued to grow, our Gratitude Attitude visions got bigger. After a couple years of helping local charities through our resources, we began supporting the community by doing what we do best – designing spaces that are both meaningful and functional.  


Livin' Free in the D 

Our first Gratitude Attitude project took us to Detroit’s Rivertown, where we guided Wayne State University Interior Design students as they presented their design ideas to the homeowner. 

The goal was to convert a barren industrial loft space located above Detroit Denim into a light-filled urban oasis, and Student Sara Pupa’s concept was ultimately incorporated into the final design and selections. 

From nurturing the future generation of interior design professionals to meeting Sara and discovering her ability to layer natural elements, lush textiles and an abundance of woven patterns, this award-winning project filled our cups for so many reasons.  



The Paris of the Midwest 

Our next Gratitude Attitude project was in collaboration with The Junior League of Detroit, who approached us to be a featured designer in their 2020 show house. 

Our goal for the space was to pay homage to Detroit’s rich history while showcasing local artisans and modern convenience. Inspired by Detroit’s moniker as the “Paris of the Midwest”, we blended Parisian influence with the existing architecture of the Bingley Fales House. 

What made this project exceptionally special was knowing we were helping The Junior League raise money for Project EAT, which helps create a more food secure community by providing Education, Access, and Tools to those in need. 

Explore the full project here.  



Call It a Fungalow – Residence  

Last but not least, our Gratitude Attitude made its way back to home…literally.  

In the last few years, our very own Rachel Nelson has undergone a dramatic style evolution. We worked with her to transform her Grosse Pointe Woods bungalow into a space that better reflected her confidence and authenticity. 

Once it was complete, Rachel participated in MDC's Designers' Own Home Tour as a philanthropic effort to raise money for Detroit Public TV DPTV and their non-commercial, educational programming. In the televised series, she opened up her home and shared an intimate peek into how a professional interior designer styles her own living quarters. 

From the way we support nonprofits, women’s shelters, and dog rescues and uplift Detroit entrepreneurs to our yearly pro bono services and the way we interact with our clients…Gratitude Attitude has been and always will be at the forefront of it all.  





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