It's Giving Glam!


Kris + Russ





Fenton, MI


Brett Mountain + Ellie Frances Photography

What do you get when you combine two empty nesters ready to step into their authentic style and a home on the lake with great bones? A recipe for one of our most glamorous, energized residential refreshes yet! 

Our Goal:

Clients Kris and Russ have put plenty of work into their Lake Shannon home over the years. Between their welcoming personalities and bold taste, their place quickly became the lake’s favorite party spot. However, they realized the home no longer matched their style once their daughters moved out and they began enjoying this new phase of life.

Discover how fresh paint, new furniture, refinished flooring, bold artwork, and other fun upgrades helped this playful couple reclaim their space as they step into their boldest, most authentic phase yet!

Our Solution:

The home had fantastic bones to begin with, so no major construction was required. Not only did the layout already meet most of their entertaining needs, but it helped us easily identify areas where new millwork and other upgrades could take Lake Shannon’s favorite party house to the next level.

Kris and Russ invested in many high-quality pieces over the years as they worked on their home. So, the key was to integrate all new upgrades in a way that elevated existing pieces and made the entire space feel cohesive and intentional.  

Evidence of how we breathed new life into their existing pieces can be seen right when you walk in the door – hardly any new materials were required in the entryway. For example, we kept the chandelier, their stunning blue mosaic tile, and the large mirror that we flipped vertically to add some height. The only additions in the entryway were the gold wallpaper, paint on the millwork, and custom staining on the door, archway, and furniture.


Just beyond the entryway lies the heart of the project – the open concept living room, dining space, and kitchen area. The new bar nook, one of the most interesting and luxurious additions to this space, is located right off the entryway arch. Previously a dedicated nook for artwork, Kris and Russ wanted this area to serve their entertaining needs aesthetically and functionally. Not only was this stunning antiqued mirrored glass tile installed within the nook, but we used it to surround the area, along with custom millwork details, to make it pop and give it the glam it deserves. The details within this thoughtful space – the brass hardware and glass shelving, the custom drinkware, decanter, and quartz clusters – masterfully represent our client’s bold, sophisticated , welcoming style. The custom cabinet, as well as all other millwork details, were crafted by Emery Design | Build.

Need more proof that Kris has never shied away from color? Check out the living room! Russ, on the other hand, was initially hesitant to get a royal purple sectional. However, after exploring plenty of alternatives he realized it was the perfect fit. Additional splashes of color and personality include the new textured wallpaper, artwork above the couch illuminated by picture lights, statement light fixture over the existing grand piano, and a lush plant to add a pop of green. The multipurpose coffee table provides storage for additional pillows and offers another opportunity for that antiqued mirror recurrence. True to this project’s name, there is a touch of glamour everywhere – even the remotes have a special box to help elevate the elegance of the room.

The kitchen expertly highlights the power of reimagining existing pieces. We kept the cabinets but cranked up the moodiness with black paint and new gold hardware. We also kept the island but brightened it up with blush pink stools, custom navy millwork (with the same brass inset as the bar nook) and some unique knurled hardware. The honed black granite countertop, stove hood, range, black sink, and two-toned faucet are several additions that help bring Kris and Russ’s bold, beautiful style into the present day. Notice how the antiqued mirrored tilework brings elegance and cohesion with the rest of the space. We even removed the wooden casing from the windows to make way for clean, black lines.

The kitchen light fixture, inspired by the lighting in Birmingham’s Daxton Hotel, and its brass draped chains come together to create a true piece of artwork that wraps entirely around the stove hood.

Speaking of works of art, the freestanding fireplace transformation deserves its own moment. Although it slightly separates the living room from the kitchen and dining area, its unique two-way firebox provides a window between the two spaces. PMP Marble & Granite did a phenomenal job fabricating the porcelain slabs, complete with custom niches for the family’s favorite photos.

To the left of the kitchen is the dining area. This space gives all the glamour and refinement of an upscale restaurant while maintaining the warm, welcoming atmosphere their friends and family know and love. Both the kitchen stools and area rug (which looks custom made considering how well it blends with the space!) were chosen to complement the piece of artwork Kris already owned. 

Replacing the overhead cabinetry with a floor hutch and adding the custom millwork also puts the artwork at center stage while working together to enhance the space’s existing architecture. A custom runner and orchid centerpiece sit atop a new furniture set that also feels like it was destined for this home. Although eye-catching, the artwork shares the spotlight with the dining area’s lighting – see the alabaster sconces and the similar Hubbardton Forge glass fixture above the table.

Finally, let’s make our way down the hall to the last space that Kris and Russ reclaimed: the primary bedroom. With a bay window overlooking the lake and an existing bold color palette, together we quickly identified the changes that would truly elevate the space.

We decided to work around the beautiful bed frame, nightstands, and abstract art that Kris and Russ already owned. By adding new bedding, table lamps, and a bold blue accent wall, we brought out the best in these existing pieces.

Instead of starting from scratch, we revamped the wall opposite the bed, which previously housed a mounted TV and long black dresser. Embracing the existing elements, we installed glamorous black and gold custom shelves, seamlessly blending them into the space and making it feel like one complete unit. Additional accessories add another dimension and take these shelves to new heights. 

Looking out at the breathtaking view of Lake Shannon, we saw an opportunity to create a cozy seating area. A custom bench was the perfect addition, providing a comfortable spot to work, unwind, or simply admire the scenery. The bold, luxurious colors of the bench complement the existing abstract artwork above the bed and colors in the bedding. 

And of course, we couldn't resist incorporating our beloved antiqued mirrored glass into the bedroom as well. Transforming an underutilized nook into a glamorous vanity for Kris, we added a curved archway overhead and built-in shelves to showcase family photos and decor. Completed with a granite countertop, this space is now as functional as it is fabulous!

When you’ve spent years investing in your home like the Bradleys, a refresh may be all that’s required to breathe new life into your space…and this Lake Shannon home certainly is a testament to the power of this design strategy. This transformation is giving beautiful, bold, warm, welcoming, and sophisticated…It’s Giving Glam!
We humbly thank Kris and Russ (and their dog, Boomer) for inviting us into their home, letting us help them reclaim their space, and create a home reflective of their style.

Ready to bravely step into your style?

“The Concetti Team listened really well and helped me peel back the onion to find what's important, why, and what does it look like. It really built my confidence. We both knew what we liked but we could never describe it to you… Now we sit down on the couch and just look at each other and go ‘aren’t you happy? This makes me so happy!’ I feel SO good in the space…I love how universally when people come over they say “wow this is really different but I feel so comfortable in it.”