Around the World: Concetti’s Global Influences

May 22, 2023 | Cultural, Education, Residential

Interior design inspiration can be traced back to just about every corner of the world. In fact, Concetti CEO + Principal Designer Rachel Nelson’s love of global art history helped spark her interior design career. Fun fact: Did you know Rachel has a minor in art history? 

Today, it’s easy to see how Rachel’s passion guides Concetti interiors conceptualized around global influence.  

Read on to discover our design team’s favorite residential projects and learn about the countries and regions that inspired them.  


Chinoiserie Chic  

Designer: Rachel
Inspiration: China and Europe

Chinoiserie Chic is Concetti CEO + Principal Designer Rachel Nelson's favorite project because of how elegantly its thoughtful blend of styles manifested into modern-day interpretations. Plus, Chinoiserie’s centuries-old roots appeal to her love of art history.  

Chinoiserie first became popular in 18th-century Europe as a result of increased trading with China and the rest of East Asia. Defined as a style of art, decoration, or object reflective of Chinese qualities or motifs, Chinoiserie took the world by storm once the evocation of Chinese motifs and techniques swept across Western art, furniture, and architecture.  

Our client’s affinity for traditional Chinoiserie style and whimsy brought stunning results to their historic 1930s Royal Oak home.  

Each piece was hand selected to complement the gorgeous historical features of the home while infusing the space with the whimsical, layered motifs and textures typically seen in European interpretations of Chinoiserie style. 

From the traditional blue and white patterns to the Chinoiserie mural in the back dining room that inspired the entire palette, you can see the style’s reinterpretation into modern silhouettes and patterns, which provide a playful juxtaposition to the traditional lines throughout the rest of the space. 



Gettin’ City with It 

Designer: Taylor
Inspiration: Detroit / Local 

Beyond its automotive background, Detroit is also known for its contributions to music, art, architecture, and design. It’s also the first and only UNESCO City of Design in the United States. 

As someone who started her career at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies and is continually inspired by the city’s creative ecosystem, it’s no wonder Taylor’s favorite project, Gettin’ City with It, oozes the essence of Detroit.   

When we were presented with the opportunity to develop the interior of an Eco Homes Project unit – a new detached residential condo development in Midtown – we were excited to create a space focused on sustainability, modern city living, entertaining, and the heart of Detroit. 

The design inspiration came from understanding our clients' deep love for Detroit and infusing the unique industrious spirit of the city into his space. Plus, his move back from Wisconsin marked his return to the city he was born and raised in. The resurgence of Detroit was calling his name and he wanted to create a space representative of that. 

We welcomed the challenge by creating an industrial, masculine, and modern space in collaboration with Detroit laborers, creatives, and makers using Detroit materials.  



Paris of the Midwest 

Designer: Emily
Inspiration: France 

Detroit’s French connection is more than three centuries old, having been called “le Paris de la Nouvelle-France” by Antoine Laumet de Lamothe Cadillac, the founder of Fort Pontchartrain. France, more specifically Paris, is also the birthplace of Gothic style and is home monuments of French Renaissance, Classical revival, Art Nouveau style, and others.  

This background info brings us to Emily, whose vision of a beautiful space is a harmonious blend of current trends and classic details…aka Paris of the Midwest. Plus, she loves honoring Detroit’s roots, which are inspired by the city of love.  

This project brings modern convenience and a refreshed aesthetic to a historic mansion in Detroit’s Indian Village neighborhood. We were inspired by the history of the “Paris of the Midwest” moniker and chose to honor it through the oversized mural of Claude Monet’s Sunset on the Seine at Lavacourt supplied by Detroit Wallpaper Company

We chose Waterbury Green from Benjamin Moore in the historic color collection to create an immersive experience when stepping into this chic bathroom. The bold splash of color carried from the floor onto the ceiling emphasizes the unique trim work, reminiscent of Parisian architecture and the existing trim details of the historic home. 

Pops of coral pulled from the sun in the mural add a fun, playful, and modern touch.  



Rose Hues in Riverview 

Designer: Gabi
Inspiration: Scandinavia  

Scandinavian design focuses on clean and simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. It first blew up in five Nordic countries in the 1950s, around the same time modern style took hold in America and Europe. 

We designed Rose Hues in Riverview as a space for our client to age in peace. The low-profile, simplistic furniture lines accentuate the greater focus on nature and serenity while the warm and inviting textures spark coziness – all elements that speak to Gabi. 

For example, the large walls of mirrors opposite the windows make the Detroit River a main focal point, easily spotted from every angle. To maximize the emphasis on the river, we also avoided adding a television into the space.   

Multiple cabinet styles in the smaller Scandinavian-inspired kitchen offer maximum storage space while creating visual interest and depth. The lowers also have a Euro slab with a horizontal wood grain to compliment the upper shaker painted in a soft gray finish.  

A final nod to nature can be seen in the whimsical wallpaper from Schumacher in the bedroom and bath, which reminds the homeowner of the subtle sounds of birds chirping just outside her windows. 



Call it a FUNgalow 

Designer: Whitney
Inspiration: Berlin 

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Berlin has become a symbol of liberalism and anti-conformism.  

Today, it’s also known for its urban, edgy, and creative style. The intensity of its unmatched 24-hour club scene also effortlessly permeates the design industry, from fashion to interiors.  

True to her alternative, rebellious nature, Whitney’s favorite project is Rachel’s FUNgalow Lounge. The space is composed of bold colors against moody hues, graffiti-inspired wallpaper, neon lights, and a bevy of off-the-wall details…not far off from Berlin’s aesthetic.  

The transformation of Rachel Nelson’s concrete basement into a vibey lounge takes all the electric vibes of a night out in Berlin and concentrates them into an optimal home entertaining experience.  

Rachel’s nonconformist love of moody hues, unique lighting features, and quirky details take center stage as she ignored trends and focused only on what sets her soul on fire. 




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