Forever Trending: Use Color to Communicate Authenticity in Your Space

Jun 25, 2024 | Education, Residential

When you’re getting to know someone, what are the first things you ask them? What do you do for work? Have you watched any good shows lately? What’s your favorite color? Color is a powerful communication tool that can signal action, influence mood, and stimulate physiological reactions. We especially use color to communicate authenticity in our space! We start using color to express our moods, identity, and preferences as early as childhood…In Concetti CEO + Principal Designer Rachel Nelson’s case, her love of peacocks subconsciously inspired her eventual living room!   



However, in a time when color trends – or all trends, for that matter – move faster than ever, you may be wondering if it’s possible to maintain authenticity while dabbling with what’s hot right now. We see trends as a great way to explore your authentic style. If it resonates with who you are, it’s going to make your space feel like an extension of you – because your authenticity is timeless. 

We presented these ideas as keynotes at Michigan Design Center’s Living in Color event. Learn more about our strategies and discover if these trends can bring you closer to creating authenticity in your space!


1) Color drenching

The color drenching trend creates an intensely pigmented space by incorporating monochromatic design elements all throughout a room from floor to ceiling to create visual cohesion and eliminating visual breaks. It originated in the UK and is often used to make spaces feel more expansive and organized.

Color drenching is fantastical, immersive, and fearless – much like Concetti CEO + Principal Designer Rachel Nelson! Rachel’s Call it a Fungalow – Lounge employs color drenching in the walls, furniture, accessories, and more. Every item captures her love of moody hues and reflects her authentic style. While Rachel’s space is dark and dramatic, the same principles can be applied to create a bright and airy space. It’s all about the feeling you’d like to express!



2) Maximalism

Maximalism…AKAmore is more.” This design style is all about abundance, excess, and artful extravagance. It relies on a high-volume, eclectic mix of colors, shapes, textures, and bold design elements in one space. Each piece is unique, but somehow works together to create one cohesive vibe. Traditionally Victorian or Gothic, the new generation’s modern interpretation can go any direction and is more accessible than ever.

Clients Kris and Russ gravitated toward maximalism when reclaiming their space to embrace their style. It’s Giving Glam boasts a bold color palette, abstract art, and glamorous furniture pieces – all things that underline their fun, welcoming, vibrant personalities!



3) Unexpected pops of color

Unexpected pops of color is exactly what it sounds like – adding a splash of color to instantly elevate a space. This design style’s effects rely heavily on human psychology and can be an effective way to express individualism.

Take Hype on Stripes, for example. Aside from wanting their space to include black and white stripes, cats, a little bit of Star Wars, and pops of color in every room, our clients gave us full autonomy to transform their ultra-grey, divided condo into their open, modern, edgy haven. The result was packed with pops of color, personality, joy, and plenty of dopamine décor.



4) Seasonless Color

This design trend gets its name because its neutral palette doesn’t align with any single season, and therefore, serves as a steady constant in the eye of the beholder. Like previous trends, which can often reflect the outward appearance of the owner, the seasonless color trend is more reflective of a state of mind. The palette is often described as feeling like a deep breath, inspiring harmony and stillness. The seasonless color trend harkens from the birth of minimalism in the 90s and has since evolved to include tinted neutrals that are earthy and vegetal.

Featuring a range of neutrals from black marble, walnut accent, and warm whites, Naturally Newtral embodies seasonless color to a tee. Seasonless colors take center stage in each room of the home to effortlessly create a palpable sense of peace and unity. 

Unlike the steady nature of seasonless color, trends will continue to come and go in the blink of an eye. Getting in touch with your authenticity will not only save you from trend overload, but it will help you identify the ones that set your soul on fire…and have some serious fun in the process.





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