Spill the Tea: Concetti FAQs

May 26, 2023 | Education

Have questions?

We have plenty of answers about who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We'll break it down by answering some of our FAQs. 

For starters, we'll answer the question, “Who IS Concetti?”

We are Concetti, and we are Detroit-based interior design strategists who believe that everyone deserves to live and work in spaces that fully express their genuine selves. When it’s all said and done, we are your strategic design partner who will create space that becomes you.


What makes Concetti different from other interior designers? 

Working with us means you’re getting much more than a pretty space. As interior design strategists, we deliver bold, professional interior design strategies for people who want their space to look, act, and feel like themselves.


What is your interior design process? What is it like to work with you? 

We know interior design can feel overwhelming – which is why we’re committed to making it digestible. When it comes to creating a space that becomes you, we take a uniquely strategic, thorough, and personalized approach to getting every detail just right. With your design, we’ll partner as co-creators to bring your vision to life through a three-step process.



We have a human-centric approach to design, which means we put you + your people first. Beyond discovering how your space will be used, we ask a series of questions fo get to know you and learn what inspires you. This way, we’re able to establish clear goals to assure your needs are heard.

Our process brings clarity to each phase of the project, solves problems, and highlights design solutions you didn’t even know were possible.

What design services do you offer?

We believe everyone deserves great design. We work on projects from one room to a new construction. You can rely on us from start to finish through all three phases, or just find your vision with phase one in our three-step process.

Read on for a more thorough breakdown of our range of services:

  • Walk through existing floorplans to uncover anything that needs an upgrade, then formulate a detailed assessment that reveals Visual Guidelines, or an inspirational view of where we will take your space.
  • Develop 3D renderings to visualize the potential of your space, with plenty of options and variations that will address your unique goals and style.
  • Gather multi-dimensional pieces – furniture, fabrics, colors, and materials – that uniquely reflect who you are.
  • Create an in-depth instruction manual for the entire team (contractors, partners, etc.) that includes technical drawings, detailed elevation mapping, and construction specifications that will ensure your builders have what they need to replicate your vision.
  • Act as your advocate throughout construction to see the project through to completion. This way, you’re able to enjoy hands-off time with peace of mind.
  • Once the build is complete, we fully furnish and beautify your space.
  • We provide a final walk-through, answer any questions you may have, and celebrate your new space!



How is an interior design strategist different than an interior decorator or interior designer? 

A big thing to know about Concetti is that we are interior design strategists. We’ve noticed the lines are often blurred between us, “interior designers”, and “interior decorators”.

Interior decorators are involved toward the end of a project and finish the space with art or accessories. Their unique skill set focuses on the final touches that truly complete the look of a space.

Interior designers receive more formal training than decorators and are often brought in toward the beginning of a project to help guide the floorplan and contribute to decorating once the space is complete. They also help ensure health and safety requirements are met within a space.

Our team is formally trained in interior design, but we are problem solvers at heart & our mission is to be your advocate! 

Once Visual Guidelines and 3D renderings have been created, we establish detailed instructions for contractors, builders, architects, etc. to ensure the vision is abundantly clear to all parties. Plus, we even stay involved throughout the build to serve as client advocates and make sure everything turns out just right.  


Where do you do business? 

All across Michigan and Ohio, but we’re always open to broadening our horizons nationally and internationally! So far, we’ve done projects in:


Do you offer holiday services? 

Yes! We offer holiday/season styling for our current clients. It is important that we continue to style homes in a way that appeals to all five senses as the seasons change. For example, we can help you bring the cozy in the fall and winter months by exchanging lighter blankets for heavier throws, light and airy fragrances for spicy scents, etc.  


What makes an interior design project successful? 

We consider a project successful when we…

  1. Make our clients feel empowered to be boldly, authentically themselves throughout the entire process. This way, we’re able to co-create a space that is a true extension of who they are…even when designing for tenants whose preferences and styles are not yet known.
  2. Create a beautiful space that offers solutions to the problems our clients bring us in to solve. At the end of the day, our goal is to add value to and reduce pain points in our clients’ lives. 




What if I want to hire Concetti but don’t know any contractors? 

We have a vetted list of professional partners we've worked with on previous projects in various locations. We bid each job out to three experts in their field (painter, millwork, tile installation etc.) for price and timeline, present them to you and aid in making the decision for your best fit.


Can you work with my budget? Can I hire you just for phase 1 in the process? 

Yes! A core belief at Concetti is that good design is for everyone, which is one of the reasons we offer Phase 1 as its own design service offering.

This is the step in our process that allows us to get to know you, your space, your goals, and needs. From there, you take the reins and have the freedom to closely follow our co-created design or merely use it as a jumping off point, all while being in control of the selections like products, vendors, art, and more.  

Toldeo-based salon Fiber + Strand is a perfect example of a commercial client who worked with us to co-create a concept, then ran with the rest!



On the residential front, phase 1 can…

  • Empower a first-time home buyer to find their style.
  • Help a couple merge their styles as they start their life together.
  • Elevate an existing space.
  • Transform a space before or after a move. 


What are your Core Values? 

Concetti is built upon three guiding principles for working with clients to co-create well-designed spaces where they can live, work, and thrive:

  • Healthy Respect
  • True to You
  • Community Thrives



What is Gratitude Attitude? 

Gratitude Attitude is a philosophy that drives the way we do business and engage with our clients, design network, and the broader Detroit community. It means showing appreciation for the opportunities afforded to us by our clients that allow us to enhance the community around us.

​Each year, Concetti leads a Gratitude Attitude community giving initiative to organizations like local dog rescues, nonprofits, and women’s shelters.


Why should someone hire you? 

Just like Detroit, our women-led team is gritty and loves to get down to work. We’re passionate, driven, committed to being bold and authentic, and redefining the design industry as we know it.

Our approach is all about the people and the businesses we collaborate with each day.

We believe…

  • Good design is for everyone.
  • The places where we live and work deeply impact our well-being.
  • Well-designed work spaces are a business advantage.
  • When you can fully be yourself, the world is better for us all.

We’re always looking to partner with clients, support local initiatives, and participate in activities that help us learn, grow and celebrate as one. When there is room for all, the opportunities are endless.