What is Your Concetti Persona?

Apr 22, 2024 | Education

Whether you’ve taken the Myers-Briggs as part of a job requirement or the Hogwarts House Sorting Quiz on a whim, you’ve done it for the same reason: to learn more about yourself and better identify with those who are like you. Most human beings can’t resist trying to see themselves and their personality traits in, well, just about everything. It’s how we make better sense of the world and connect with one another.

Human connection is the very foundation of our 3-Phase Process (and it’s what makes us, us). No two Concetti clients are exactly alike, but if we categorized them based on their project needs…you’d be surprised at how much they have in common. From the handy DIYer in need of a vision to the busy professional who wants to be hands-off, and everyone in between, you’ll likely identify with one of the personas below.

Read on to learn more about our main client groups and discover your Concetti Persona!


1)   The Rebel Without a Rendering

You’re an independent soul with a good sense for how you want your space to look, feel, and function. You may be ballin’ on a budget, or maybe you have the desire to transform your space with your own two hands. You might even have a trusted team already on lock. If you do, you’re prepared to manage them and advocate for your vision. You’re even up to source and procure your own furniture, finishings, art, and other materiality.

But there’s just one problem…you don’t have a tangible vision.

If this sounds like you, you’re the Rebel Without a Rendering.

The Rebel Without a Rendering benefits most from Phase 1: Discover X Co-Create. You simply need help finding your style and need a visual to get your space from point A to point B.

In this phase, we’ll get to know all about you (or your brand if you’re a business) and document your wants, needs, and goals into Programming Notes. Next comes the Experiential Guideline where we gather your thoughts, feelings, and vibes. This step bridges the gap between language and vision, and gets us all on the same page for how your space will look and feel.

We then take this insight, inspiration for your space, and your existing floor plan to create various 3D renderings. These will ultimately boil down into a final, realistic rendering of your future space.

FUN FACT: Phase 1 is the only required phase in every Concetti project. The logic is simple: if we don’t know you and your vision, how can we create space that becomes you? Plus, we can do this from virtually anywhere in the world (as long as your measurements are correct).

Examples of Rebels Without a Rendering:

Explore more of these projects in our Portfolio’s Concepts.


📷 Serenity at Sunset


2)   The New Horizon

Picture this: you have a space that needs an upgrade. You may or may not be confident in your DIY abilities, but you want more support than what’s available in Phase 1. You’re comfortable procuring all the materials for your project…you’re just not sure where to source what’s pictured in the 3D rendering (and the thought of hunting everything down feels overwhelming). 

The project also looks like it will require some construction (maybe some wall demolition, or plumbing/electrical work).

If you’re only in need of a vision, a shopping list, and construction documentation…you’re the New Horizon.

The New Horizon thrives when they have the vision mapped out from Phase 1, a detailed materiality list so they know what to shop for and where to find it, and trade-friendly construction documents (think detailed floor plans, elevations, and design development) from Phase 2: Personalize X Translate to equip their team with.  

This persona gets the same benefits as the Rebel without a Rendering, but you opt for the additional support offered in Phase 2. Our Personalization expertise not only cuts through the noise of materiality sourcing, but it also helps boost your style confidence and teaches you exactly why certain pieces and materials work together in unison. As the New Horizon, you can choose to tackle construction yourself or work with a contractor. If working with a contractor, you opt to handle all communication with them. For this reason, we always provide every New Horizon with technical documentation.

Examples of the New Horizon:

  • Seasoned DIYers who want to level up their project experience or are stumped by interior design challenges, like Indian Village I-Kahn
  • Kitchen remodels 
  • Expanded bathrooms and other home additions


📷 Indian Village I-Kahn


3)   The Finished Fix

So, what if you’re like the New Horizon, but have a space that doesn’t require construction? This means you love the bones of your space but you’re yearning to infuse personality into it, and are confident it can be done with new finishes and furniture. You’d also feel much better leaving it to the pros than trying it yourself.

If all you need is a vision and a shopping list for furniture and materiality to transform your space, then you’re the Finished Fix.

By taking construction out of the equation, we’re able to dive into Phases 1 & 2 simultaneously and help you effectively achieve your vision. As an added bonus, when purchasing finishes and furnishing through Concetti, our Concierge Procurement services are included with your order! That means our Procurement Specialist will order everything for you and monitor your pieces’ journey from the manufacturer to our warehouse. We’ll also schedule a delivery day to transform your space and handle any claims that may come up along the way.

Examples of Finished Fixes:

  • Downsizers
  • Homeowners moving into a larger space
  • Owners of finished homes who don’t know how to furnish them, like It’s Giving Glam


📷 It's Giving Glam


4)   Peaceful & Premium

If you go into a project knowing you want the works, you’re a Peaceful & Premium. Period.

Peaceful & Premiums are a diverse group. You could be ready to start a new-build home project but are completely overwhelmed. Maybe you’re a busy professional with zero time to dedicate to heavy project involvement. You could be a retiree who’s worked their whole life and want a project handled by someone else for a change. Have a DIY experience that went horribly wrong and don’t want history repeating itself? Maybe you have a certain quality standard in mind and want to leave it to the pros. You could even be living thousands of miles away but want your home move-in ready when you arrive to Michigan or the surrounding areas.

Peaceful & Premiums sign up for our entire 3-Phase Process. They want everything in Phases 1 & 2, plus the Concierge Procurement Services and Construction Advocacy covered in Phase 3: Advocate X Celebrate. Whatever your reason may be, you prefer us to hold all the pieces together the whole way through.

Construction Advocacy is where that hands-off feeling can really come into play for the Peaceful & Premium. As your Construction Advocate, we ensure the design we co-created together is at the forefront of everyone’s minds and see it through to completion. This is also where we serve as a translator between you and your team…which means clarity for them and peace of mind for you.   

Then, of course, we wrap everything up with a celebration and an optional, complimentary photoshoot of you/you and your family in your new space!

GOOD TO KNOW: You are automatically a Peaceful & Premium if we need to engage our Procurement Specialists at any point. However, you may still qualify as a New Horizon or Finished Fixer if you only utilize the wallpaper pros and painters we have subcontracted.

Previous Peaceful & Premiums:


📷 Naturally NEWtral


What’s your Concetti Persona? Let’s get in touch so we can co-create space that becomes you!