3 Ways Interior Design Strategists Can Help You Build Your Custom Home with Confidence

Aug 1, 2023 | New Construction, Residential

You’re getting ready to build a new custom home? Congratulations! 

Building a home is the perfect opportunity to craft a space that is truly representative of your needs and who you are. 

So, how exactly can you guarantee that’ll happen?

We can help! 

Starting from scratch can be as overwhelming as it is exciting…but we’re here to change that. We’re committed to making the process much easier so that you can enjoy this big moment as much as possible! 

When it comes to creating a space that becomes you, we take a uniquely strategic, thorough, and personalized approach to getting every detail just right. As interior design strategists, we apply design thinking in everything we do and deeply consider where you’re at in your life – if you’re single, part of a growing family, an empty nester, or anything in between.  

Discover how working with interior design strategists can help you build your new custom home with confidence and provide solutions you didn’t even know were possible. 

1. We Empower You to Be Brave Enough to Be Boldly You

Before things even get rolling, it’s critical for our team to know you – not just your likes/dislikes, style, needs, etc., but who you are and what makes you tick. Now is the time to open up – don’t be shy! It’s much easier to communicate proactively than to go back and make a change.  

We’ll empower you to step into your authenticity. Your home is an opportunity for self-expression, and we can help it reflect you and your personality. We’ll help you shut out the noise and focus on what sets your soul on fire. 

New build clients often ask, “Did we contact you too early?” and to that, we say, “NEVER!” Helping our clients zero in on their preferences helps set the stage for everything else, and we do our best work in the pre-planning stage. 

As the owner of the custom home, being brave enough to be boldly you goes beyond identifying its style. It’s your right to have a say in your architect’s floor plan too…and we can help with that.



While we have made alterations to the original floor plan in nearly every new build project we’ve been a part of, it’s not because the architects didn't do their job. Their job is to provide a structurally sound floor plan. By engaging us, you’ll get a personalized floor plan in a way that anticipates unique lifestyle details and habits, like paths of travel and existing furniture that must stay. 

Again, your architects and builders’ expertise lies in building your home’s shell, ensuring its safety, and finishing on time. Ensuring your floor plan honors your season of life and considers how you’ll use and fill your space – that’s our job. Having both types of experts on your team is the secret to making your new build beautifully, boldly YOU. 


2. We Help You Develop a Clear Plan

Before anything goes to your builder, you must be confident your plan is perfectly, authentically you. We have the knowledge and skills to take any of the edits we co-established to develop precise technical drawings that go straight to your builder. 

Not crazy about where the fireplace is located in your original floor plan? Feel like a room might feel more comfortable by moving a few walls? Want windows added to bring in more natural light? No problem – we can edit anything in that initial shell from the architect and relay it to your builder as your trusted co-creator.  

We go room by room evaluating how you plan to utilize the space so that we can make custom recommendations for your home. A great example of this is in the dining room. There's a lot of debate around the necessity of a private dining room, an open floor plan, or just an eat-in kitchen…and there's no right answer! It all depends on how you plan to use the space, which can differ a lot depending on where you are in life. 

For example, Gettin’ City with It is owned by a bachelor. He doesn’t require a whole room dedicated to dining, so we rendered a combined kitchen and dining area that blends into the entertainment area.  


Gettin' City with It combined kitchen and dining area

On the flip side, Raising the Barn is home to a young, busy family who wanted a separate formal dining room for special occasions. On a more typical day, you can find them in their spacious eat-in kitchen sharing meals, doing homework, and making arts and crafts.  

We design for those looking to downsize, too – check out Naturally Newtral and Just Us 2 in A2. With their kids grown up and out of the house, these empty nesters opted out of a formal dining room and into more compact homes with smaller, open-concept kitchen/dining spaces. 

This isn’t to say all empty nesters should downsize or all families should have both formal and casual dining spaces – it just goes to show that it’s important to build for the unique client’s needs. We can help you imagine ways to take your architect and/or builder’s plans and infuse your personality into it. 

Our goal is not to just find unique solutions, but to help you establish the confidence to identify the right customized solutions for YOU. 

With a clear vision custom-designed for you, we’re able to capture it in a rendering. The power of Interior Design Strategy starts with a holistic vision that starts with a 3D prototype/rendering. That vision fuels the selections and plans that we give to the builder in a 3D prototype. That prototype fuels the construction drawings, plumbing and electrical plans, and gives us a shopping list that we can take to showrooms and vendors FOR you or WITH you, depending on how you want to work with us.


Just Us 2 in A2 rendering and finished space

That said, filling this prototype comes with a plethora of decisions…and analysis paralysis is a real thing. As your co-creator, we are here to alleviate that feeling by building toward a cohesive vision from day one. By working in 3D, we can show you a prototype of what your home will be, where your treasured family pieces will go, and more. We find that an advanced level of planning is one of the best ways to deliver peace of mind to you as our client. 

Once your vision is set and your renderings/prototypes are finished, we translate them into construction drawings for your builders and trades professionals to build off of. We hold all the pieces together for you and provide communicative support – attention to detail, thorough meeting notes, and consistent follow-ups – to prevent unnecessary stress 


3. We’re Your Eyes and Ears on the Project from Beginning to End

The floor plan is set, contracts are signed, and it’s time for construction. This is the part where advocacy is critical. It’s important to have someone trusted there to see that construction is honoring the floor plan and that the home is being filled with the correct pieces you selected. 

Again, this is another area where we have your back. Whether you’re an avid traveler gone for the majority of the project, like our Gettin’ City with It client, or a busy parent who couldn’t consistently oversee the project, like our Sweet as Can Be in Beverly client – having someone there to communicate on your behalf prevents you from putting your life on pause while your home is being built.  

As interior design strategists, our job doesn’t end once we select your furniture and other pieces with you. From being there to ensure the walls and windows make sense for furniture needs, to helping you navigate builder and architect lingo, our job as your co-creator has us going into full translator mode here – cranking up the communication and turning down your stress. 

From working with the builders to uphold consistency to procuring the furniture, and making sure it fits and arrives in great condition – we’re advocating for you every step of the way, wherever you may be.  

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Sweet as Can Be in Beverly rendering


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